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Fly Fishing Accessories


Logo HatDoug Swisher Log Hats - After thoroughly testing the new Sky Brim fishing caps this season, we've decided to select them for our flyLogo hat cgray fishing "Logo" Hats. They have the first major design change in ball caps in years. They are definitely our favorite, with a unique Aero Dynamic design which makes them top choice, especially in windy and super-sunny conditions. These hats are very attractive and stylish and they stay on your head. They are very easy to adjust to size and are great looking. We have two colors. Tan with logo on the side front and dark charcoal gray with the logo on the front. The dark gray hat is mesh.  Logo hat char gray
     Reg. $24.95  Sale Price $19.95


Waterproof fly box“WATERPROOF” Fly Box - A great looking waterproof fly box, 5 ¼” x 3 ¼” x 1 3/8”, with 222 slits. Color - Black

   Reg. Price $12.95 OUT OF STOCK

fly box

8 COMPARTMENT FLY BOX--This clear box, approximately 4 1/2" x 3 3/4", is the coolest small box I've ever seen! It's super lightweight, has rounded bottoms on each compartment, great visibility so you can see what flies are in each box, has positive closure and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Also, since I don't wear a vest much anymore, I can slide a whole bunch of these little guys in my fishing shirt and have all the flies I need for a day of fishing. They also make great hook, dubbing and material boxes.

Price $1.95     

Photo/MX Fly Line -- Fly Fishing Accessories-Doug Swisher

MX FLY LINE - Most modern day fly lines cost upwards of $100 and have an irregular surface that will supposedly allow you to shoot another 5 or 6 feet on a long cast – Great for showing off on the casting field but not for fishing. My new MX line is made for the angler and is soft and supple, properties which make it more pleasant to use on the stream. It has excellent shootability and is more resistant to kinking than most lines and most of all, you don’t have to float a bank loan to buy one. For now, I’m offering it in 2 line weights only, #5 and #6, in 1 color, lemon yellow, and 100 foot length. On a quality plastic spool for ease of rigging. Super floatability!!!

  Reg. Price $19.95

5  wt Out of Stock


Photo/Stomah Pump - Fly Fishing Accessories -Doug Swisher

STOMACH PUMP - Use this "must have" tool to extract most recently ingested food to determine what trout are feeding on.

Sale Price: $5.50 each   Reg. Price $10.95

Sleeves to slide on tippet to add weight.TIPPET SLEEVES -- These new , improved sleeves are streamlined to have much less water resistance and are less visible to the fish. Plus, they are totally legal in all waters. They are close to the same weight our lead sleeves were. Just slide them on your tippet and they won't fly off, if you need to get deeper just add another sleeve. Great for fishing nymphs or streamers.

  Reg. Price $3.95

Copper & Lead Sleeves  for Fly Fishing - Doug Swisher

COPPER SLEEVES - Great for nymphing and fishing streamers. We put 2 or more copper sleeves on for strymphs and streamers. The lead sleeves are no longer available.

Simply slide onto leader - can't fly off - reusable - makes split shot obsolete!

Reg. Price $4.95    per pack

Dilly Wax for Fly Fishing Floatant -Doug Swisher`

DILLY WAX Our favorite fly floatant.

Price: $4.50 Out of Stock

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