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Bass, Pike, and Muskie       


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 Over the years, we've used our trout streamers, mainly Buggers, Velcros, Buck-N-Bunnies and Swish-tails, to catch bass and a few small pike, but now we've developed some specialty flies that are not only deadly for bass and pike but also are great for Muskies. These flies are larger, have excellent silhouettes and incredible action. Our new materials, like Big Daddy Brushes, Wiggly legs and Pearl Widow Flash make this possible. Last time I fished in Florida, I released an 8 pound bass and a 10 pounder on a Purple Passion Brush Fly.


Fly Fishing Flies/Fluter

"FLUTER" -  Foam Popper with grooves that give a very different and unique action.  Our best surface fly for Snook, Tarpon, Jacks and other saltwater species.  It's also dynamite for Bass.

Size 1/0

Price: $.50 each   Out of Stock

Old Favorite Wooly Bugger - LargeLarge Wooly Buggers -- Black w/ Olive Body. - Great for Bass and Pike

Size 2, 4

 Price: $.50 each


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