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Bass, Pike, and Muskie       


Dry Flies - Glow-In-The-Dark - Nymphs & Strymphs - Streamers - Saltwater - Bass_Pike_Muskie

 Over the years, we've used our trout streamers, mainly Buggers, Velcros, Buck-N-Bunnies and Swish-tails, to catch bass and a few small pike, but now we've developed some specialty flies that are not only deadly for bass and pike but also are great for Muskies. These flies are larger, have excellent silhouettes and incredible action. Our new materials, like Big Daddy Brushes, Wiggly legs and Pearl Widow Flash make this possible. Last time I fished in Florida, I released an 8 pound bass and a 10 pounder on a Purple Passion Brush Fly.

popper, green and yellow
  Green and Yellow - has blk
  spots on top of head
popper, red and white
         Red and White
popper, yellow with red strip
     Yellow with Red Stripe
popper, perch color

           Perch - 2 left
popper, red
           Red -- 3 left
popper, purple
           Purple - Sold Out
popper, red and black
      Red and Black - 1 left

  popper, black snake           
         Black Snake -- 3 left
Great Bass Poppers!  Hook size 6.

 Price $2.95

Flashy Orange Pike FlyWILD RIPPER -  One of Sharon's creations she designed for Pike and Bass but works great for trout and steelhead. The tail is a combination of Unique Hair and Northern Lights and the wing is our new Kraken. Dumbell eyes with Glow-In-The-Dark Pupils --- Deadly!! We are offering it in 3 colors. Black and Red, Orange and Olive, Yellow and Red.
Sizes #2/0, 1/0, 2, 4   Yellow Kraken Fly
Black Krakken Fly
Sale Price $2.95


HAIR BUGS --  Black Hair Bug, Olive/Black Hair Bug, Red/White/Black Hair Bug, Red/Yellow Hair Bug, Yellow/Olive Hair Bug,  Red/White Long Tail Hair Bug. Size 8

 Black hair bug for bass      Olive Black Hair Bug    Red, White and Black hair bug    Red Yellow hair bug      hairbug yel/ol     Red and White long tail hair buf 
Price $2.95


Hair bug to represent frog       Synthetic material frog

KICKING FROG (Hair)                     Pond Frog - This frog goes under the surface.

Sizes 6, 8, 10   Kicking Frog #8 out of stock

Price $2.95


Mouse pattern made of hairHAIR MOUSE -  - Size 4, 6, 8

Price $2.95


Hair bug in shape of mouseMouse Rat -Size 8  Out of stock

Price $2.95


Foam Poppers

black foam popper     chartruese popper      yellow popper

Sizes 1/0,

Price $2.95


Fly made from Sea Dragon DubbingSD Pike Wacker -- This fly has a tail of 840 legs and the body is our new Sea Dragon Dubbing. The 840 legs as well as the wigglys in the dubbing give the fly great action. Since Pike seem to like bright colors we are offering 2 colors, red and white, yellow and orange. Also is UV.

Sizes 1/0, 2, 4       SD Pike Wacker in UV colors.

Price $2.50         


Photo/Purple Passion - Fly Fishing Flies PURPLE PASSION - This fly has not only been a great Bass pattern but also works well for Salmon and Steelhead, especially on Idaho and Oregon Rivers and in the Midwest.  Color: Purple

Sizes 2, 4, 6

Price $2.50


Photo/Freshwater BucknBunny - Fly Fishing Flies FRESHWATER BUCK-N-BUNNY  - Over the past few years, Bob Marvin's creation, the Buck-n-Bunny has been absolutely deadly in the salt,  so I tied some on freshwater hooks and took them to Chile.  They were sensational, working just as well as the time-tested Devil Leech and "All-Black" Velcro Streamer. Great for Bass and Pike too! Buck-N-Bunny, Black, 

Size 1/0, 2 & 4


Price $2.75


Fly Fishing Flies/Fluter

"FLUTER" -  Foam Popper with grooves that give a very different and unique action.  Our best surface fly for Snook, Tarpon, Jacks and other saltwater species.  It's also dynamite for Bass.

Size 1/0

Price: $4.95 each

  Photo/The Enticer - Pike Fly Fishing Flies   Photo/The Enticer White/Red - Pike Fly Fishing Flies   Photo/The Enticer Yellow/orange - Pike Fly Fishing Flies  
THE ENTICER - A combination-colored pattern with a fantastic silhouette that drives fish crazy. The front of the fly is made of a Gator Hair Brush that gives a great underwater look, especially on a sunny day. Besides Pike and Muskie, it works well for Trophy Bass. Colors: Chartreuse/Purple, Yellow/Orange, White/Red

Sizes 1/0, 2, 4                                                      (click picture to see larger image)

Price $2.95


Photo/The Wiggler - Pike Fly Fishing Flies THE " WIGGLER" -- Two different kinds of "Wigglys" make this the champ of the wiggly flies. The front section is made from a Gator Hair Brush with Big Daddy Wigglys mixed in and the rear is made with special over-sized wigglys. The result is some really incredible action. We've had some great fishing with this fly. Some of the wildest "Dancing" you've ever seen!  Color: Red/Yellow

Sizes 1/0, 2, 4br>

Price $2.75


Photo/Polar Bear - Fly Fishing Flies POLAR BEAR - Off White. This fly in not only great for trout but I have been very successful with it for bass.

Sizes 2, 4, 6

 Price: $2.50 each


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Old Favorite Wooly Bugger - LargeLarge Wooly Buggers -- Black w/ Olive Body. - Great for Bass and Pike

Size 2, 4

 Price: $1.75 each


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