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Small fly clipped hair headMighty Mite -- Clipped deer hair with fantastic floatation. My favorite way to fish -- A long flat butt leader, 10 to 12 feet, no weight, a dab of Dilly Wax and striping a greased fly. You see all the strikes and most of them are very exciting. This fly works great any way you want to fish it, top or right under the surface. Colors: Tan or Olive - Sizes 12, 14, 16

Price: $1.95    Olive mighty mite


Great Attractor FlyBUGMEISTER -- A super attractor pattern designed by one of Montana's best guides, John Perry. John specializes in floating the Missouri and the Bitterroot Rivers - and, is a great casting instructor. The Bugmeister floats like a cork and deadly, also great fished ahead of a small nymph. Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14

Price: $2.25

Great Fly with hackle on topFULLBACK -- A Hatch-matcher type pattern with great floatation - and, easy to see on the water. Colors: Adams Gray, Olive, Yellow and Chartreuse--Sizes 14, 16

Price $1.95 each


Rusty Spinner Dry FlyRUSTY SPINNER -- When I lived in Michigan and spent a lot of fishing time on the AuSable and Muskegon, I found the Rusty Spinner, #16 & #18, to be one of the most important flies in my box, not only for the spinner fall but fished wet during the period immediately after the fall. Obviously the naturals are dying and can't get out of the river. Use your stomach pump and you'll see what I mean. One of the most versatile flies you can carry. Sizes 16, 18.  We now have added Olive spinners, Trico and Adams Gray spinners.

Price $1.95 ea

Adams Gray Spinner -- #12, 14

Olive Spinner -- 14, 16    OUT OF STOCK

Trico Spinner -- #18, 20

Photo/The Creature, Freshwater Fly Fishing Flies

  The “Creature” – A few years ago, Karl Gebhart and I developed a fly we named the “Creature”, which has become one of our favorites, especially during the late season when small flies are on the water. It’s deadly when tiny flies, like Tricos, and Pseudos and midges are hatching and it’s tied out of our Generation X Dubbing. It consists of just a body, floats like a cork and looks like anything and everything on the water. A few weeks ago on the famous McCoy's Spring Creek Ranch near Dillon, It was the only fly that would take those extremely difficult risers. We tie it in many colors, but for right now, we are offering it in Black only, which is normally the best color. Sizes 18 and 20,

Price $1.95 ea.


Selection of 12 flies, 6 each 18 and 20

 Price per Selection  $19.95

Photo/Fat Albert, Fly Fishing FliesFAT ALBERT -- Developed by Brent Taylor. The deadliest foam fly we've ever put on the water. This fly is absolutely incredible on the rivers all across the U.S as well as Canada.

Sizes 8, 10, 12.              Foam fly black

Price $1.95 each                                        Foam fly, Tan with red stitching in bottom center

Fat Albert selection of 6 flies, 2 of each size
Price: $9.95 per selection


Clumpa Fly with rubber legsCLX - The Clumpa with "X" legs is becoming one of our Favorite Attracter Patterns. Sizes 14, 16

Price $1.95 each


Photo/Clumpa -Unique Fishing Flies - Doug Swisher THE "CLUMPA" This dynamite dry fly is one of my deadliest patterns. It works well for both hatches and spinner falls -and- is an excellent pattern for "pounding 'em up". Between the "Clumpa" and the "Buttons", I feel I'm pretty well covered for most dry fly situations. Adams gray body with grizzly hackle. Sizes 12, 14, 16 & 18.

Price: $1.95 each

Selection of 8 flies, 2 of each size
Price: $12.95 per selection

Photo/Black Clumpa, Fly Fishing Flies, Trout FliesBLACK CLUMPA - We've added the black Clumpa because it is so versatile in almost any situation on both lakes and streams.
Sizes 12, 14, 16, 18

Price $1.95    

Black Clumpa selection of 8 flies, 2 of each size
Price: $12.95 per selection

Colored "Clumpas" – The Clumpa has quickly become one of our most popular dry flies, and for good reason. It has tremendous flotation, a great look on the water, skitters as good as a parachute and is very durable. So far, we’ve only offered gray bodied Clumpas but now we’re adding 6 patterns: Sulphur in sizes 16 & 18, PMD in 16 & 18, BWO in 18 & 20, Trico in 20 and 2 great new attractors, Purple and Chartreuse, both in 14 & 16.

Price: $1.95

Purple 14 - 16             Photo/Purple Clumpa - Fly Fishing Flies     
Chartreuse 14 - 16      Clumpa Fly - Chartreuse - Fly Fishing Flies
Sulphur 16 -18            Clumpa - Sulpher - Fly Fishing Flies
PMD 16-18                 Clumpa - PMD - Fly Fishing Flies
BWO 18 -20               Clumpa - BWO - Fly Fishing Flies
Trico 18- 20                Clumpa - Trico - Fly Fishing Flies


Selection of 12 Clumpas, 2 of each pattern
Price: $19.95 per selection



Photo/Dancing Caddis  Fly Fishing Flies

 "DANCING CADDIS" - If you're into Elk Hair or Neff Caddis, you'll  really like the "Dancer." These flies are excellent imitations of the naturals, float like a cork, skitter beautifully and are easy to spot on the water. Color - Tan, Sizes 12, 14, 16, 18.

Price: $1.75 each


Dancing Caddis selection of 8 flies, 2 of each size
Price: $11.95 per selection

DANCING CADDIS - Olive Sizes 12, 14, 16

Fly fishing fly Hare and Herl

"HARE & HERL" A great fly developed by Sharon that has been deadly on streams all over the country. This is a yummy - looking parachute with a peacock herl body and a snowshoe rabbit post and tail. Floats like a cork & is easy to see on the water.  Sizes: 12-14-16-18
Price: $1.75 each


Hare & Herl selection of 12 flies, 3 of each size
Price: $16.95 per selection

Photo/Para Tractor Fly Fishing Fly "PARA-TRACTOR" -Attractor dry flies that utilize my "Rubber Post" method of attaching the parachute hackle. The rubber " locks in" the hackle, making a high-floating fly that is extremely durable and easy to skitter. Best combination "Attractor/Hatch matcher" in my fly box. Nailed at least 20 fussy big fish, 3-6#'s, in New Zealand and Chile. Color: Tan, Olive and Yellow. Size: 12, 14, 16

Price: $1.75 each


Photo/CDC Flies Dry Fishing Flies

"CDC FLIES" by Karl Gebhardt
CDC flies are deadly when they’re tied properly, however, most tyers simply don’t use enough of the "duck rump" feathers to float the fly. The reason for skimping on the CDC is usually economics – the feathers are quite expensive. I’ve received samples from numerous tyers and none of them left a good impression, that is, until Karl Gebhart sent me some Sulphurs, PMD’s and BWO’s. Karl is from Selingsgrove, PA and is not only a good friend but is a great caster (FFF Certified), excellent angler (guides in the Delaware River area) and a superb fly tyer. One look at his CDC Duns and I knew they would work – great wing silhouette, lots of CDC and neat little trailing shucks in the right color. They are deadly! And durable! Great for fussy fish!

I’m offering 3 patterns: Sulphur Dun CDC - Pale Morning Dun CDC & Blue Wing Olive CDC.

Price: $1.95 each  BWOs OUT 0f Stock

Sulphur Dun CDC
Pale Morning Dun CDC
Blue Wing Olive CDC

Photo/Parachute Madam X Dry Fly Fishing Fly

"PARACHUTE MADAM X IN COLORS" -- W have the Parachute Madam X, hottest dry fly on the planet, in 7 body colors, Yellow(Original), Chartreuse, Purple, Red, Royal, Herl and Black -- Sizes 10, 12, 14          The Original PMX, Red, & Chartreuse, we have in size 16 also.


Price $2.25 each 

Original Parachute Madam X                      

Parachute Madam X Chartreuse                  

Parachute Madam X Purple                         

Parachute Madam X Red                              

Parachute Madam X Royal                            

Parachute Madam X Peacock Herl                  

Parachute Madam X Black with orange post. Sizes: 8, 10, 12  Black Parachute Madam X   Fly Fishing Flies          


 Selection of 12 flies, 4 of each size    Mix and Match any way you wish. Just tell us in the comments section of the order form.

Price: $21.95 per selection


Photo/Speckl-X - Fly Fishing Flies - Doug Swisher

"SPECKL-X"- The latest and deadliest version of my PMX-style dry flies. On my last trip to New Zealand and Chile this speckle legged killer was my top dry, especially for large fish, in the 4-6 # category. Last season, along with my regular PMX's and Para-Tractors, it was deadly on the "B" rivers like the Big Hole, Beaverhead, Bitterroot and Bow. A great floater, skitters well and easy to see. Sizes: 10, 12, 14, 16

 Price: $2.75 each


Speckl-X selection of 8 flies, 2 of each size
Price: $16.95 per selection

Speckl-X -- Olive Body Sizes: 10, 12, 14, 16


Photo/Black Specl-X, Trout Flies, Fly Fishing Flies  

The latest and deadliest version of my PMX-style dry flies, now available in black. It has been a dynamite fly in Canada the last few years on the large trout. A great floater, skitters well and easy to see. Also available now in our new Herl body Speckl-X.

 Sizes: 10, 12, 14

Price: $2.75 each    Rubber leg fly with black specs on legs and herl body


Black Speckl-X selection of 6 flies, 2 of each size
Price: $14.95 per selection

Herl Body Speckl-X selection of 6 flies, 2 of each size
Price: $14.95 per selection

Photo/Madam-X,  Fly Fishing Flies by Doug Swisher

"MADAM X" - When I developed this fly over 30 years ago, I never dreamed that dry flies with wiggly rubber legs would become so popular. Almost every fly shop nowadays has half a dozen versions of the "Madam." It has caught over 40 species of fresh and saltwater fish, including Tarpon, Steelhead and Salmon. Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14
Price: $1.95 each


Madam X Selection of 12 flies, 3 of each size
Price: $19.95 per selection

Photo/DP Hopper, Dry Fly Fishing Flies

"DP HOPPER"--The Double Parachute Hopper is without question, the very best hopper imitation I ever used! Period!

The silhouette, especially from the trout's point of view ( underneath), is incredibly realistic and the second parachute hackle allows the fly to float exactly like a grasshopper. Very time - consuming to tie, but worth the extra $$$. Remember to use 1x or 2x tippet. Sizes 8, 10, 12

Price: $2.75 each


Green Drake popular fly

Green Drake -- Our new Green Drake imitation is very realistic - looking and is effective for both the Eastern and Western spicies. Sizes 10, 12

Price: $1.75 each


type of stillborn dun

Sulphur Cripple-- A type of stillborn dun imitation originated on the spring creeks of Montana back in the 70's. Sizes: 14, 16


Price: $1.75 each


Popular cripple fly

Last Chance Cripple-- Last Chance Cripple -- I love fishing this pattern on a sunny day when the olive body glistens on the water. Sizes #14, 16

Price: $1.75 each


More modern cripple

Missing Link Cripple-- This more modern cripple doubles for those periods when mayflies and caddis flies are on the water. Sizes #14, 16

      Price: $1.75 each


Cripple pattern with deer hair

Callibaetis Cripple-- One of my favorites on the high mountain lakes of Montana and Idaho. Sizes #14, 16

Price: $1.75 each


Cripple pattern with CDC

CDC Baetis Cripple-- Great on the slow - moving runs and side channels of the lower Missouri River. Sizes #16, 18

Price: $1.75 each


Bwo Cripple, marabou tail

BWO Cripple-- This has been a very popular cripple with the Marabou tail. Sizes 14, 16

Price: $1.75 each


Parachute fly with purple body

Purple Haze -- A dynamite pattern we found worked well on the St. Marys River in Canada but it works well everywhere. Sizes: 12, 14, 16

Price: $1.75 each


tan dry fly

Rat Face Mc Dougal -- An "OLD-Timer" that really works well, especially in searching situations and is also a great floater. Sizes: 12, 14

Price: $1.75 each


Another old favorite tied like the Royal Wulff

H&L VARIANT --We have added another old favorite that is a very deadly attractor pattern. A great floater, has a dynamite silhouette, plus is very durable. Sizes: 12, 14, 16

Price: $1.75 each  


Another old favoritetied with a quill

Quill Gordon -- An old favorite that seems to work everywhere, especially on the 2 Ausables, in Michigan and New York. Sizes: 14, 16

Price: $1.75 each


Great light colored dry

Pale Morning Dun - Great pattern when little yellowish duns are emerging. Again super wing outline. Sizes: 16, 18

Price: $1.75 each


Great old favorite with long hatch

Isonycia - The white-Gloved Howdy is one of the longest hatches of the season, 3 months, so our parachute version not only floats well, but can be very important. Sizes: 14, 16

Price: $1.75 each


Very Popular dry fly

Callibaetis --
I wouldn't think of fishing Montana waters like the Missouri and Georgetown without a good supply of these little guys. Great wing silhouette and excellent floatation. Sizes 14, 16

Price: $1.75 each


Great Cricket pattern

Letort Cricket -- Not only very effective when crickets are actually on the water but are deadly as a attractor. Sizes 10, 12

Price: $1.75 each


Old favorite tan body

March Brown -- A very famous Pattern in the East, mainly in Pennsylvania and the Great Lakes area. I even use it as an attractor her on the Bitterroot. Sizes: 12, 14,

Price: $1.75 each


Old favorite with dark body

Dark and Light Hendrickson -- I found, in Michigan, both light and dark emerged out of the same run at the same time. Also work great in the West. Sizes: 14, 16

Price: $1.75 each


Cahill with parachute PARACHUTE CAHILLS -- These little parachutes are beautifully tied and are deadly when yellow duns are on the water. Sizes: 12, 14, 16, 18

Price $1.75


multi colored hackle fly Bivisible - Back when I was a boy and first started fly fishing in Michigan, the most popular dry fly was the Bivisible. It's still high on my list, it floats like a cork and is so easy to see. I love to use it on rivers like the Big Hole and areas like Georgetown here in Montana. We offer it in 3 sizes, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20.

Price $1.75

Selection of 6 flies, 2 each size 12, 14, 16  Price $8.95

Caddis Fly with white wing Bitterroot Trude - When I moved here 35 years ago, this adult caddis imitation was "Top Dog" in western Montana, it still is! At the end of the drift, let it slide through the current a few feet - makes a good wet fly also. Sizes 12, 14, 16

Price $1.95
Selection of 6 flies, 2 each size
Price $9.95

Popular favorite Griffiths Gnat "GRIFFITHS GNAT"   - A great pattern to use when extremely
small flies are on the water, especially midges and tiny duns like BWOs
and Tricos. Colors: Black with grizzly hackle and orange with olive
hackle. Sizes: Black/Grizzly - 14, 16, 18, 20

Price $1.75


"GRIFFITHS GNAT" -- Orange/Olive --Sizes 14, 16, 18                Griffiths Gnat Orange and Olive


"GRIFFITHS GNAT" -- Purple --Sizes 16, 18, 20                


Dun Imitation "TAN COMPARADUN" These little guys are beautifully tied and do a great job of imitating light colored duns, especially sulphurs.
Now in 3 colors: Tan, Olive and Purple
Sizes, 14, 16, 18  Purple in 14, 16 only

Price $1.75

No hackle caddis pattern
"NEFF CADDIS" A great pattern that works not only when caddis are emerging, but quite often during those times when may flies are actively hatching. Sizes 12, 14, 16, 18

Price $1.75


Attractor Pattern
"STIMULATOR" Probably one of the best “attractors” of all time. I usually fish it with lots of movement and when bigger flies are on the water. Sizes, 10, 12, 14, 16

Price $1.75


Old Favorite fly "IRRESISTIBLE" Talk about an "old favorite" that still works well, this pattern fits the bill, especially in situations where good floatation is important. Gray Adams Color. Sizes 12, 14, 16

Price $1.75


Old Favorite "RENEGADE " Another "old timer" that has bailed me out of many tough hatches and also is great for "searching the water". Good visibility with its white hackle up front and excellent imitation of a sliding shuck with its brown hackle in the rear.  Herl body Sizes, 12, 14, 16, 18

Price $1.75

Ant Pattern
"BLACK FUR ANT"I always carry ants, both on streams and stillwaters- they can show up any day of the season. Sizes 14, 16, 18

Price $1.60


Ant Pattern
"RED BUTT BLACK ANT" Quite often ants have red butts and when they do, it sure helps to have a good imitation. Sizes, 14, 16, 18

Price $1.60


Beetle Pattern
"BLACK FOAM BEETLE" I've run into many situations over the years where a beetle bailed me out of a tough situation and this pattern is my favorite. Sizes 12, 14

Price $1.60   


Adams - Fly Fishing Flies


$1.25 each
  Olive size 14 and 16 out of stock

Parachute Adams - Fly Fishing Flies

PARACHUTE ADAMS - We have added gray with orange post.

#12 Out of stock $1.25 each

Yellow Humpy - Fly Fishing Flies


$1.25 each

Popular older Wulff


$1.25 each

Popular older Wulff


$1.25 each

Royal Wulff - Fly Fishing Flies


$1.25 each
     Size 14 Out of stock.

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