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   Fly Tying Dubbing

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            Fly Tying Dubbings   

Check out the story of our dubbings
UV-X dubbing on UV-X Page

Ultra Dub-- "Ultra Dub"-possibly the most versatile dubbing we've ever developed! This material is fantastic, a premier dubbing with both long and short wigglys that will give your wet flies fantastic action in the water- and is "so easy" to tie with. You can use the "fold back and tie-down" technique for nymphs and streamers or the conventional "finger-spin and wrap" method for dries. Tip: use a little Dilly Wax for the floaters.

Price $1.75 per package.


Ultra Dub Dubbing Box- 8 compartment box has 1 each of our New Dubbing in Colors: GT Olive, Black Leech, Brown Leech, Chartreuse, Tan, Yellow, White, and Olive.

Price: $6.95 per 8 comp.

New dubbing with lots of wigglys Kraken Dubbing - This dubbing is incredible. Long Wigglys, Short Wigglys and different color Wigglys. The action is unbelievable. It has a very high sheen and is soft and easy to work with. The enhanced colors have a crystal flash mixed in. Colors: GT Olive, Brown Leech, Tan Flesh, Perch and Silver Minnow, - Enhanced colors: Black, Red, Hot Pink, Hot Yellow, Hot Chartreuse, En Olive, Hot Orange, Purple, White and new Copper. Hot colors are UV, plus we have other UV colors on our UV page.

Price $1.75                         COLOR CHART


Action packed dubbing

Sea Dragon Dubbing -- It's great for making nymphs, wet flies and streamers. You can easily use it for replacing bodies, tails and hackle on your Buggers, Matukas, Zonkers, Bass Bugs, Leeches and Baitfish patterns -- even Sculpin Heads! It's incredibly versatile and consists of several types of dubbing carefully blended together, and then we mix in 2 different sizes and colors of Wiggly Legs to give it that "live-look" in the water.

And maybe the best news -- it's so easy to work with! Especially if you're a beginner or a mediocre tyer. All you have to do is learn the simple "Clump" method of tying down a small segment of dubbing and your all set. Most of these patterns can be tied in less than 3 minutes. We use Big Daddy Legs for tailing material. Then tie in the clumps of Sea Dragon and you have a deadly fly, the action is unbelievable.

Colors: Yellow Phase, Dun, Olive, Black Leech, Black, White Ghost, Purple Leech, Hot Chartreuse, Brown Leech, Scum Olive, Copper, Pike Red and White, GT Olive, Red Baron and Hot Yellow               Instructions to tie our Sea Dragon Fly

Close Out Price $.50 per pack              COLOR CHART


New DubbingTRIPLE THREAT DUBBING - Made by combining 2 totally different types of dubbing and then blending 3 different kinds of Wigglys. You can easily hand dub, make a dubbing loop or spin a dubbing brush. So easy to work with!! 8 colors: Tan, Olive, Brown, Rusty Orange, Dun, Black, Pond Scum and Hares Ear.

Price: $1.75 per pack.


TRIPLE THREAT DUBBING BOX - This 8 compartment box has 1 each of  our easy to dub Triple Threat Dubbing in Colors: Black, Olive, Brown, Rusty Orange, Yellow, Tan, Dun, and Pond Scum,

Price: $6.95 per 8 comp.


GX-Treme Dubbing, Swisher's action dubbing GENERATION X-TREME DUBBING -- X-Treme is similar to our Generation X except is has more super - fine legs that match the color of the dubbing and has a great sheen to it. It comes in 12 great colors, including some dynamite new "Dirty" shades you haven't seen before, like Dirty Scum, Dirty Dun, Dirty Pheasant Tail, Dirty Olive and just plain Dirt. And one of the best features of all is the ease of hand dubbing, even with all of those "Wigglys" mixed in. Also, you can tie flies size #20 and smaller with ease.

Colors: Dirty Scum, Black, Dirty Dun, Dirty Orange, Olive, Peacock, Dirty Pheasant Tail, Dirty Tan, Dirty Olive, Dirty Red, Claret, Dirt.

Price: $1.75 per pack.                 COLOR CHART


GENERATION X-TREME DUBBING BOX - This much more convenient sized 8 compartment box has 1 each of  our easy to dub X-Treme Dubbing in Colors: Black, Dirty Scum, Olive, Peacock, Dirty Dun, Dirty Pheasant Tail, Dirty Tan and Dirt

Price: $6.95 per 8 comp.


Button Fly made from Gekko Hair Dubbing/ Fly Tying Materials Gekko Dubbing -- The best dry fly dubbing. If you want to tie a dry fly that really floats, this is the dubbing you want to use. It really makes your bugs stand tall. My favorite for dries #18 and larger.

Colors: Adams Gray, Black, Brown, Caddis Olive, Caddis Tan, Callibaetis, Purple, Rust, Sulphur, PMD, Dk. Olive. Lt Gray, Burnt Orange, Yellow, Cream, Mosquito Gray and Kahaki Dun

Price: $1.50 Per Package


Fly made from Peacock Plus Big Daddy Dubbing /Fly Tying Materials Peacock PLUS Big Daddy -  This may be the "Mother Lode" of all dubbings. It has the great features of Peacock PLUS -- plus, lots of large wiggly legs. It makes some of the deadliest looking streamers and strymphs you've ever seen! Also, it comes in 12 colors, 6 natural - black, olive, brown, peacock, copper and red -- and, 6 hot colors - chartreuse, pink, purple, orange, yellow and white, which are great for saltwater and bass.

Price: $1.75 per bag


Peacock PLUS Big Daddy Dubbing Box Selection - This 8 compartment box has 1 each: Peacock, Black, Brown, Yellow, Olive , Copper, Purple and Red

 Price: $6.95 per 8 comp


Brush made of Super Mix Dubbing /Fly Tying Materials Super Mix Dubbing: This is an amazing one of our many “Come to Life” dubbings. It is a blend of numerous wiggly- like fibers that jiggle and gyrate all over the place, driving the fish crazy, not only trout but bass, tarpon, snook, salmon, steelhead, actually over 20 different species already. Supermix flies have been especially deadly on the spring creeks of the West, tailwaters like the Missouri, lakes and for baby tarpon in the backwaters of South Florida. It’s very easy to use, either by hand dubbing or it makes the most beautiful brushes you’ll ever see. Only 1 color.

Price: $1.75 per package

Fly made from Peacock Plus Peacock PLUS - A totally new concept in dubbing. It has a base peacock color blended into every dubbing color, a great sparkle and the ultimate in movement - Hundreds of Wiggly micro legs. It's the fish catchingest material I've ever used! Not only for trout but for bass, saltwater, salmon and steelhead. 8 super colors: black, brown, olive, peacock, copper, chartreuse, gray and tan.

Price: $1.75 per bag


Rub-A-Dub Nymph Made from Rub-A-Dub  Dubbing / Fly Tying Materials RUB-A-DUB-DUBBING - A unique "Rubberized" Dubbing that allows you to create flies with the wildest, "wiggliest" action imaginable. 

Spin it on tying thread with your fingers, use a dubbing tool or, better yet, use the "Twister" dubbing machine. 

Pick out the "Wiggly's" with a brush or Velcro comb and you've got a fly with dynamite built in action.  I tie nymphs, emergers, streamers and even dry flies with "Rub-A-Dub". I'm offering 9 colors, Black, Olive, Brown, Gray, Orange, Pink, Hares Ear, Tan, and Yellow.

Price Per Bag: $1.75


RUB-A-DUB DUBBING BOX - This much more convenient sized 8 compartment box has 1 each of  Rub-A-Dub "rubberized" Dubbing in Colors: Black, Olive, Hares Ear, Gray, Orange, Yellow, Brown, and Tan.

Price: $6.95 per 8 comp. box


Nymph made of Generation X Dubbing/ Action Dubbing byDoug Swisher GENERATION X DUBBING - Super--Fine Dubbing -- Now you can tie nymphs, Pupas, Emergers, Stillborns and tiny dry flies down to size #22 with this "Rubberized" dubbing that has incredible action in the water.

We use "GX" for the mono Caddis Pupa, Brassie Caddis Pupa, Tiny nymphs and the deadliest Beetle I've ever used.

Colors: Black, Olive, Brown, Hares Ear, Tan, Gray and Dark Olive.

Price Per Bag: $1.75 each

Select Color 


GENERATION X DUBBING BOX - This 8 compartment box is a much more convenient size and has 2 each of  Generation X Super-Fine "rubberized" Dubbing in Colors: Black and Hares Ear, and 1 each of Olive, Brown, Gray and Tan

Price: $6.95 per 8 comp. box


UV Dubbing

  Swishe's Elite DubbingSWISHER'S ELITE DUBBING -- DUBBING FOR SELECTIVE TROUT -- Finally an all-around dubbing that's great for both dry flies and wet flies -plus- its available in popular Ultra-Violet colors and is the easiest material you'll find on today's market to dub on a fly. If you are tying a fly you want to fish dry, just use a good floatant like our Dill Wax. Also our Elite dubbing comes in 16 dynamite colors! The texture is perfect for bothElite Dubbing with UV light hand spinning or using a dubbing tool. Colors - Chartreuse, Dark Dun, Dark Gray, Fushia, Golden Brown, Lt Gray, Lt Olive, Moss-Green, Olive, Orange, Peacock, Purple, Redish-Tan, Rust, Tan, and Yellow.

Price $1.75


UV-X  DUBBING WITH LEGS - This dubbing has our Rub-A-Dub and GX Wigglys in it. It is a soft easy to work with dubbing with a nice sheen. The legs as well as the dubbing is UV-X enhanced. Colors: Olive, Brown, Orange, Hares Ear, Tan, Pale Olive, Pheasant Tail, Scud and Copper.

Price: $1.75 per pack.             COLOR CHART


UV-X DUBBING W/LEGS BOX - has 1 of each color, Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Copper,  Brown, Olive, Pale Olive, Tan and Scud

Price: $6.95 per 8 comp


UV-X  NYMPH DUBBING - This is the same soft easy to use dubbing as our UV-X Dubbing with legs, but has no legs. Mostly used for small nymphs but it works well to dub streamer bodies also. Right now we only have 2 colors. UV-X enhanced - Light Olive and Light Tan.

Price: $1.75 per pack.


  UV-X Kraken Dubbing -- This dubbing is incredible. Long Wigglys, Short Wigglys and different color Wigglys. The action is unbelievable. It has a very high sheen and is soft and easy to work with.  This is the same dubbing as our regular Kraken Dubbing only it has been UV-X Enhanced. Colors: Super Olive, Super Perch, Super Gold Demon, Super Hot Chartreuse, Super Silver Minnow, Super All Blacks UV-X Hot Yellow, UV-X Hot Pink.

Price: $1.75 per pack.


UV-X - K.R.A.P. DUBBING -- This dubbing is a mixture of leg sizes as well as different dubbings. It has a base color then enhancer and different colored legs are added. It works great in the water and for those of us who have tested it, is a must have. UV-X Colors: Krap-ish (looks kind of like hares ear), Light Krap-ish(just lighter),(Yellow-ish, Olive-ish, Purple-ish, Red-ish, Orange-ish, Brown-ish.

Price $1.75 per package       COLOR CHART


This UV-X KRAP DUBBING 8 Compartment Box - has 1 each - Krap-ish, Lt. Krap-ish, Olive-ish, Yellow-ish, Brown-ish, Red-ish, Purple-ish and Orange-ish

Price: $6.95 per 8 comp


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