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Fly Fishing for BassIím absolutely amazed at how many Fly Fishermen donít carry a stomach pump. Itís definitely the most important tool in my vest.


I also carry a net and itís great for determining what flies are on the water, but if you want to find out precisely what the fish are eating, the stomach pump is indispensable.


Itís like turning on a light bulb---catch just one fish, tap his tummy and you know immediately whatís on the menu. Of course, catching that one fish can sometimes be difficult. In that situation, I normally slap on a Georgie Boy or an All-Black Streamer and solve the problem. Actually, this tool is totally mis-named. It should be called a Throat Pump as you really donít dig down into the stomach.


Seining for bug hatchIím also amazed at how many Fly Fishermen still use split shot. They can be difficult to attach, yet will fly off your leader during the cast, especially if you throw a tight loop.


You can crimp them down with your teeth or pliers but then you destroy the monofilament and create a weak link in your system.


About twenty years ago, Iíd ďhad itĒ with split shot, so I developed Lead Sleeves which are tiny diameter tubes that slide onto your leader. We make them about three sixteenths of an inch long which is good for most situations, however, if you need to go deeper, use more sleeves. You can cut them down with a razor blade for lighter applications. Theyíre re-usable and can also be crimped in place.


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