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No Hackle Spinner Carl Richards and I had no idea when we wrote “Selective Trout” in 1971, it would become the best-selling fly fishing book of all time. 

Back in those days, all we were interested in was taking close-up color photographs of the aquatic insects trout fed on. We wanted to observe these photos so we could tie better flies.


Standard patterns, in that era, simply didn’t cut it for match the hatch situations. Well, one thing led to another. We quickly discovered, to make our study complete, we had to buy such things as expensive cameras, scuba suits, aquariums, microscopes and books on entomology. Traveling from coast to coast to check out various trout waters was also part of the plan. Within two years, we had plenty of information for a book. The rest is history.


Selective Trout by Swisher/RichardsIf you’re interested in learning more about No-Hackles and other contemporary flies you might want to take a peek at “Selective Trout”.  I’d recommend the 30th Anniversary Edition. 


It’s got everything: 120 color photographs, dozens of gorgeous illustrations by Dave Whitlock, the Super Hatches and Keys to the Species for Mayflies, Caddisflies and Stoneflies plus lots of Fly Tying Instructions.


“Selective Trout” was about having the right fly. Unfortunately, if you can’t cast and make good presentation, you don’t have much of a chance of being a successful fly fisherman, so we decided to write a second book, “Fly Fishing Strategy”. It covers all aspects of fly casting and presentation and was the basis for my 3M Fly Fishing Videos.


Other Swisher/Richards books include “Back Country Fly Fishing” and “Emergers”.  


May Fly - Fly FishingIf you’re interested in Fly Casting and Fly Fishing,  I suggest the #1 selling 3M Video, now DVD's “Basic Fly Casting” plus Advanced Fly Casting”.



Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Books

Best Selling Fly Fishing Book Selective Trout --The republished copies of Selective Trout have just arrived. This of course was the #1 selling Fly Fishing book of all time. It includes keys to the species not only of may flies, caddis flies, and stoneflies as well as all the aquatic insects. This addition includes over 100 beautiful color drawings by Dave Whitlock and 260 pages of fly tying information including how to tie the original No Hackle Flies. Doug will sign the book.

Price: $19.95

Our New Fly Tying Book

Picture of bookFlies For Selective Trout
-- covers a few of the "No Hackle Types" and many of our new attractor flies, such as the glow-in-the-dark, ultraviolet, brush flies, advanced pupas, and our action-dubbing versions--with wiggly legs right in the dubbing. This book includes 150 pages of high quality photographs of our procedures of tying and instruction as well as added pictures of us with a fish in hand. We also include tips on how to fish the new flies, as well as where they were developed. They will be signed.

Price $27.99

Swisher/Richards Book on Emerging fliesEmergers 


Lots of information about emerging Mayflies, Caddisflies, Stoneflies and other Trout stream insects.

Price: $22.95

Book on tying foam fliesCreations From The River Road -- By Tony Tomsu owner of River Road Creations.  Practical realism for tying and fishing foam trout flies. Tony is the unquestioned master when it comes to fly tying with foam and also has created the finest foam cutters on the market. Signed.

Price $40.00  Out of stock

Basic Fly Casting BookBasic Fly Casting -- A gorgeous little 77 page book I originally wrote to be a companion to Scientific Anglers Learning System. It is beautifully illustrated and is loaded with suggestions that will quickly improve your casting skills. All books are personally autographed.

Price $14.95 Out of stock

Fly Fishing DVD'S

DVD Stratagies for Selective Trout

Basic Fly Casting
Price: $29.95 each

Advanced Fly Casting
Price: $29.95 each

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