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Veil Fly, freshwater streamer

Veil Fly in water
        Veil Fly in water


Fly Fishing Pics and Tips

This part of the website is sort of a “catch-all” segment, featuring unique photographs and Fly Fishing Tips. In the Picture category, we’ll have photos of big fish, pretty fish, various species of fish-not just trout – great scenery, natural insects, new patterns and underwater shots.


I think it’s important to know what a fly looks like while it’s being fished Tie on some mono and put it in a sink or tub of water and pull it around and check out the action. And, if you have a unique pic or one that tells an interesting story, we’d like to see it.

The Tips category will feature information such as improving casting, fishing and tying skills.

It will include such things as : how to throw a tighter loop, how to perform the “lift”, how to throw a better reach cast, how spinning makes thread jump right or left, how to make a mono body without using thread and how to tie off a fly without a knot. Again, if you have ideas you’d like to share. Let us know.


Fat Rainbow Large Rainbow Another large Rainbow
Rainbow BT RBow    Large Rainbow
Large Rainbow taken on a Soft Hackle Strymph BTbow BTbow
BTPd On GT Kraken Georgetown Bow
Georgetown S GT Bow Georgetown bow
GT Kraken Fly gtbow GT bow
Bow caught on a Georgie Long Legs testing flies
Testing new UV Clumpa caught on fly be tested Rainbow early spring


Rainbow Large Rainbow Rainbow Trout
brn trout Brown Trout Brown on Muddler

Brown on uv stillwater
Duck Family Great Rainbow

Another or UV
UV Again Smoky day on the lake

Bow on new Ripper fly
Beautiful Brown Trout Huge Rainbow
Nice one caught on the 3P's Beautiful Sunset Huge brown


Redfish caught in Florida

Florida Redfish 2014 

South Florida Fly Fishing Trip May 29 - June 7, 2006!

Photo/Curious Manatee - Saltwater Fly Fishing

Manatee checking out our boat.




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