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Photo/Hexagenia Nymph

Fly Fishing Trips


Photo/New Zealand BrownOne of the most exciting aspects of fly fishing is the travel, especially to exotic destinations. The places we choose to fish generally have clean water, beautiful scenery and are places where wed want to go even if we didnt fly fish. Montana and New Zealand are such places.


Ive been fishing in Montana since 1959 and have lived here since 1979. When I moved to Hamilton, I had a long list of waters I wanted to fish. Now, many years later, the list is twice as long. There are so many places to fish in Big Sky Country.


Large Redfish     Everglades City, Florida           Large Snook
     Captain John Stark
     Great experienced guide

Captain Tom Poling        MANGROVE OUTFITTERS     Florida Jack
        For a fun Fly Fishing Experience
        Phone: 888-319-9848

If you're looking for a Western Montana Guide, we highly recommend John Perry. He is not only very knowledgeable, but is an excellent casting instructor, knows where the big fish are hanging out and, most importantly, is fun to be with. John covers the whole area but specializes in the Missouri, Clark Fork and Bitterroot rivers. Give him a call -- 406-370-9183 or email 

I have fly fished in many exotic locations around the world and New Zealand is definitely my favorite, spectacular scenery, big fish and wonderful people.


Photo/New Zealand Rainbow


I go every year and stay a couple months. Mike McClelland, the owner of The Best of New Zealand Fly Fishing, arranged my first trip fifteen years ago and I've relied on him every year since.


He's by far, the most experienced Down Under travel agent and does a super job. If you're looking for a trip to Kiwi Land, I highly recommend calling Mike at 1-800-528-6129.

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Fly Fishing Trips - Fly Fishing Trips Montana - Fly Fishing Trips New Zealand