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Photo/Large fall brown being releasedOver the past 15 to 20 years, Fly Tying has experienced phenomenal growth, to the point where many Fly Fishermen spend more time at the bench than they do streamside. 


Let’s face it, some anglers must drive, or fly, hours to get to a Fly Fishing Destination. Since “Practice makes perfect”, it’s easy to understand why there are so many great fly tyers around the country and so few skilled Fly Fishermen. No matter where you live, you can tie flies every night in the comfort of your own home but it may be difficult to drive to a stream or lake.


Photo/Generation X DubbingFor our Fly Tying Materials and Supplies we’ve tried to keep things simple, offering products that are both unique and difficult to find elsewhere. When it comes to dubbing, the main ingredient of most patterns, we find original Rub-A-Dub Dubbing, superfine Generation X Dubbing, Peacock PLUS dubbing, and many other unique dubbings we have, fill the bill. 


These “Rubberized” dubbings allow you to create flies with the wildest, wiggliest action imaginable. Speaking of action, you’ll want to try “Incredible Legs” on both wets and drys. They have a support system allowing the use of extra-long legs that don’t tangle -and- provide amazing action. Rub-A-Dub Wigglys and Generation X Wigglys are great for “spiking up” any dubbing and using in dubbing brushes.


Photo/dubbing brush Another tool we use a lot is the Griffin Parachute Tool, for tying the Button, Clumpa, Speckl-X, DP Hopper and Para-Tractor.


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Fly Tying Materials - Unique Fly Tying Materials - Fly Tying Supplies - Fly Tying Products