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Fly Tying Instruction   



Madam XOther than personal, hands-on Fly Tying Classes, I’ve found that using high quality color macro photographs is the best way to give Fly Tying Instructions. We call this Animated Tying Sequences. Close-up shots are taken of each step in the tying procedure and then dissolved, blending one into the other. 


Pattern recipes and written instructions are also included next to the “movie”. Sometimes, this is even better than personalized classes, especially for extremely small flies that can be very difficult to see.


Doug and Karl /Tying Instruction

We “animate” flies that Sharon and I have developed and popularized over the past few years. Most are trout flies that are not only great flies for Montana Trout Fishing but have worked well all over the country, plus in places like New Zealand, Chile, Alaska, England, Russia and South Africa.


Be sure and tie up some of the Dancing Caddis which has pretty much replaced the Elk Hair Caddis here in Western Montana. It floats like a cork and can be skittered like a natural.


Two of the easiest to tie are the Button and Clumpa, both of which have become the staple of my “match the hatch” box, especially on the spring creeks of Montana and South Island in New Zealand.


Gray Velcro If you’re into Saltwater Fly Fishing or Fly Fishing for Bass, tie some Velcro and Devil Leech style streamers---best Baby Tarpon and Snook flies I’ve ever used.



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Fly Tying Instruction - Fly Tying Recipes - Fly Tying Movies - Fly Tying Pattern Recipes