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Glow in the dark fly

Glow-In-The-Dark Fly

Glow in the dark fly in the dark

Same fly hit with flash.

 Photo/Fly Made of Peacock Plus - Fly Fishing Flies
Peacock PLUS

Photo/Fly Made of Peacock Plus - Fly Fishing Flies
Peacock PLUS



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New Tinsel and micro fiber material.Northern Lights This is an absolutely Gorgeous tailing and underbody material made from a combination of flash that is twisted with micro fibers and them dyed. The tinsel color stays the same while the fibers take on the dye color. These are perfect for Trout, Bass, Pike, Saltwater, Steelhead and Alaska Patterns.
(Tinsel Colors: Black, Olive, Pink, Red, Purple, Silver,  Gold and Copper.

 $1.25 per package  Several Out of Stock                Color Chart


Synthetic Living FiberSynthetic Living Fibers - (SLF)  Back in the late 70's and early 80's, right after Carl Richards and and I wrote about the "Stillborn Phenomena" in "Selective Trout" we developed a pattern we called the "Mantilla", which covered freshly-born minnows and small fish. When my partner passed on, I let the concept slide until a few years ago, but now the Mantilla is a very deadly pattern. To get the realistic membrane affect, we tried numerous fibers and found SLF, a very special trilobal material, to be the best. We hand-mix 5 colors to get the proper effect. We also use SLF for our Small Fry Saltwater Fly. It is a great material for many patterns.

Colors: Black, Light Olive, Cream, White, Gray, Root Beer, Tan, Yellow, Orange, and Red. New florescent colors - Fl. Yellow, Fl. Orange, Fl. Chartreuse, Fl. Red, which are also UV.

Price: $3.35 per pack  Many  OUT OF STOCK


Super float fiber in tan Super Float Fibers --We are able to get the Super Float Fibers again in 3 colors. White, Tan and Dun. This material not only makes great posts and wings but you can tie emergers, dry flies, surface streamers -- any fly you can design -- right on the surface. We keep the fly moving like a little skittering, to help attract the fish. Remember to prepare the fibers for tying, we use a wire brush to brush out the ribbons of material. One way we use it is to cut off 1/2" to 1" fibers and then put them in a coffee bean grinder for a few seconds, not long at all. It is so easy to tie with. One easy way, is pinch a few fibers down where you want them, tie on shank then fold back, tie down, repeat, the whole length of the shank and tie off. Blend in with a Velcro comb and you are done. Great looking flies on the water and they float well. You can cut some of the fibers up rather short and make your own dubbing, tie some longer fibers on top for a wing. And what's really exciting is when the fish takes, you see the whole thing!! Colors: White, Tan, and Dun.

Sale Price $1.30



11 inch Streamer Hair Unique Hair, This is the material that we use for our Pike fly, The Enticer and our Saltwater fly Ocean Hair Demon as well as several of our other salt water and freshwater streamers. It is crimped nylon a little stiffer than some materials but that way does not foul so easy. It is 11 inches long, great for those larger flies for pike and saltwater but also makes dynamite smaller flies for trout.
Colors: Black, Olive , Purple, Gray, Yellow, Chartreuse, White, Brown, Tan, Polar Bear, Red, Orange and Fl Green. Yellow, Chartreuse, White and Flor. Green are also UV.

 Price $2.95  White and Tan out of stock


Ribbing for flies or cut for legsAQUAGLO RIBBING - Wow! What a great Glow-In-The-Dark material! Especially for Legs, but also for bodies, tails and ribbing. Super durable and can be stretched almost double its length, which reduces the diameter from .030 down to less than .020, making it great for both large streamers and small nymphs. So easy to work with. Remember, GID flies are just as effective in daylight as they are at night. Try some Aquaglo legs on your Girdle Buggers and Georgie Boys and I think you'll be surprised.

Aquaglow Ribbing, pack--------------

Legs for Glow in the dark flies
AQUAGLO PRECUT LEGS - 2" long (makes 2 legs on a fly)

Aquaglo Precut legs, 10 per pack----

Glow-In-The-Dark Material - Unique Fly Tying Materials - Doug SwisherGLOW-IN-THE-DARK FLASHABOU - If you haven't tried Glow-in-the-dark patterns, you're really missing out on an exciting aspect of fly fishing. This GID material glows as well as any on the market and allows you to create some deadly new flies, which, by the way, work just as well in daylight as after dark. Colors: Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink and White

Price:$4.65 White out of stock 


Glow-In-The-Dark Accent - Unique Fly Tying Materials - Doug SwisherGlow-IN-THE-DARK ACCENT - Another great GID material with a unique twisted configuration that makes beautiful tails, wings and bodies. Great for underbodies on veil and shrouded type flies, also makes great dubbing brushes.
Colors: Green, Yellow, Blue and White

Price $4.65 Blue and White out of stock


new colors GID FibersGID FIBERS - Another great Glow-In-the-Dark material. GID fibers are very fine and easy to work with. Use it to make wings, tails, posts etc. on small flies or great for making brushes for your glow-in-the-dark larger flies. Just remember it does not have to be dark to use Glow-In-The Dark flies. We use them almost totally during daylight in lakes as well as rivers. Colors: Chartreuse, Yellow, Orange White, Pink, GID Fibers glowing

Price $1.95 


Glow in the dark chenilleGlo Chenille - Great body material for tying both Glow in the dark and the new Veil flies. 9 feet - Colors: White, Orange, Green, Pink and Yellow

Price $2.50


RAD Wigglys - Unique Fly Tying Materials, Doug SwisherRUB-A-DUB WIGGLYS - You can use these little guys to enhance either the "Rub-A-Dub" dubbing or any regular dubbing ( imitates legs, tails, antennae, gills, etc.) or - to create incredible hackles for both freshwater and saltwater streamers. 

Great for Trout, Steelhead, Bass, Snook, Baby Tarpon, Stripers, etc.  Also, for soft hackle and parachute styles.


 Available in 5 basic colors: Black, Brown, Olive, Gray and Yellow

 Price: Per Packet  $1.75  Brown and Olive out of stock

Basic Colors       

Available in 6 Hot Colors: White, Red, Purple, Orange, Green, Pink

HOT Colors        

Generation-X Wigglys - Fly Tying Materials, Doug Swisher GENERATION X WIGGLYS - These are the super fine wigglys used in my Generation X dubbing. Pre-cut and bagged.

I use tons of these Wiggly Devils in my dubbing and fly patterns. Make any dubbing come alive with these Wigglys. Available in 12 colors: out, Olive, Brown, out, White, Red, Copper, Chartreuse, Orange, Pink, Tan and Gray.

We have a couple Crystal colors left, they are no longer available. Crystal Pink and Crystal Orange

 Price: $1.75 per packet  Several Out of Stock


Our larger wiggly legsBig Daddy Legs -These are the larger Wigglys used in the Peacock PLUS Big Daddy Dubbing. Great to add to any dubbing for larger bodies that REALLY move in the water. Ideal for nymph legs, panfish poppers, Madam X style flies and make wonderful stonefly legs in any dubbing. Blend a few in your favorite dubbing and watch the flies come ALIVE!!! Also they make great tails for more action on larger flies.
Comes in great colors: Black, Olive, Brown, Yellow, White, Red, Copper, Purple, Pink, and Chartreuse.

 Price: $1.75 per packet  Olive out of stock


legs for flies840 Legs - These legs are larger than our Big Daddy Legs, great for larger flies. Also good for tails or put some around the eye for some action up front. Give your flies more action and attract more fish.
Colors: White, Olive, Yellow, Red, Purple and Chartreuse

 Price $1.75 per package


Fly with Incredible Legs - Unique Fly Tying Materials, Doug Swisher INCREDIBLE LEGS - These legs are quite different from any others you’ve seen. They have a built-in support system allowing the use of super long legs, that don’t tangle around the fly or bend of the hook – and – provide an amazing action.

Over the past 4 seasons, I’ve tied and fished more than 50 patterns that utilize this Incredible Leg concept. I’ve used them on dries, wets, nymphs, strymphs, pupas, streamers, foam bugs, bass poppers, terrestrials, saltwater, salmon, steelhead -- you name it, on everything from size 3/0 down to #14’s. I’m even making tails, claws and feet with the same procedure. Colors: Olive, Brown, Red and Orange, 

“Incredible Legs”, just right for size 6, 8, and 10 hooks.  Olive out of stock

Reg Price: $4.95 Per Pack of 10 Legs    Red out of stock




Flash material with transparencyCrystal Web - This product produces a transparency you can't get from any other material. I add it to tails, wings, and other body parts. The Colors are outstanding!

 Price: $1.00 per package  Many out of Stock        Color Chart


Fly made of Congo Hair - Fly Tying Materials

Congo Hair - The ultimate hair for tying the "sculptured" flies that are the rage these days for saltwater or for larger flies for Tarpon, Snook, etc. We also use it for freshwater, trout, pike and musky. Congo not only handles better than other hair but fishes better too. It has a great sheen, long fibers, slight crinkle and the ability to shed water and retain it's shape. If you like "EP" Fibers, you'll love Congo Hair. Plus it is less expensive. Over 9 inches long. In 15 great colors: black, white, polar bear, yellow, red, caddis tan, chartreuse, orange, pink, olive, Silver and Brown. UV colors: Hot Neon Pink, Glow White, Light Neon Chartreuse.

 Price: $1.95 per package   Many out of stock


Congo Mini Packs - These packs of Congo Hair are almost the same length but half the amount of Regular Congo Packs. Great for Travel or just to get several colors to experiment with. Congo hair is very easy to use.
Available in 10 colors: Polar Bear, Silver, Black, Brown, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Caddis Tan, Red and Olive.

Price $.95 per pack


Photo/Fly made Congo Hair & Gator Hair, Fly Tying Materials   Fly made of Gator Hair - Fly Fishing Materials

GATOR HAIR - I searched all over the country trying to find the best possible hair to use in a Dubbing Machine and finally found it right here in the Everglades.

Most materials were either too stiff, too flexible, too fragile or too hard to use, but 'Gator Hair has the perfect blend of properties.  It comes in great colors, swims beautiful in the water, has natural sheen and best of all, makes gorgeous brushes for Trout, Bass, Saltwater, Steelhead and Salmon Flies as well as works great for just making streamer tails for Freshwater, Saltwater, Pike, Musky's and Steelhead.

Another very important characteristic of 'Gator Hair is that it displays a perfect balance of toughness and slickness. It can stand up to the abrasion of wire brushing process and is just slippery enough so that any trapped fibers can easily be combed out. 'Gator Hairs'  10 inch length allows you to create everything from a tiny trout nymph to a giant tarpon fly. We use Gator Hair in our Rub-A-Dub Streamers.

Available in 12 great colors: Black, Brown, Olive, Tan, Gray, Purple, Red, yellow, Hot Orange, Hot Chartreuse, Hot Yellow, Hot Pink, Polar Bear and White.

Hot Orange, Hot Chartreuse, Hot Yellow and Hot Pink are also UV.

Price: $1.75 per pack      Many out of stock

Gator Hair Mini Packs - These packs are a little shorter than regular Gator Hair and about half the amount as the regular pack. Gator hair is great as tail material, making brushes, cut up and make a dubbing brush, make sculptured flies, your imagination is your limit. These packs are great for travel but also less expensive to try several different colors.
Available in  colors: Black, Brown, Tan, Gray, Purple, Red, Chartreuse, Yellow, and Polar Bear

Price $.95 per pack   

Devil Leeches made of Tasmanian Devil Hair, Unique Fly Tying Materials Doug Swisher TASMANIAN DEVIL HAIR - Everyone seems to have trouble finding this material for my Devil Leeches, so I've made it available. Great for any streamer!

Colors: Black, Olive


  Per Pack (1 color) $4.95


Leech Yarn - Fly Tying Materials LEECH YARN - We use this yarn on our popular Devil Leech, it has been one of our best-selling streamers for years.

Colors: Black, Olive, brown and White - 10 feet

Sale Price $.75 pack


Phentex Yarn - Fly Tying Materials PHENTEX YARN - This material floats so we use it quite often on dry flies, especially on patterns with bodies made out of our action dubbings. On our "Tiger Tails", we use it at the rear of the fly as an under piece for the long extended tails. It has always been popular for posts, wings and shucks. Colors White, Orange, Lt Gray, Rust, Teal and Golden Yellow. It's a 3-ply yarn - 10 feet

Sale Price $.75 pack


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