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Tool used for wraping hackleTYFLYZ TOOLZ HACKLE TWEEZER - If you want a hackle tweezer (pliers) that really controls the feather, try the new one from "Tyflyz Toolz". That's the one I've gone to and it's the "best I've ever used".

Price: $9.95 each Out of Stock

Parachute Tool - Fly Tying AccessoriesPARACHUTE & EXTENDED BODY TOOL - The new tool from Bernie Griffin that I use to tie Parachutes, Para-Tractors and my "Button" Flies. Parachutes down to size #24 are a piece of cake. 

Itís the only device I know of that will hold the stretched rubber properly while you wrap the hackle. 

Itíll change your whole attitude about tying parachute flies. The tool can also be used for extended bodies and as a bobbin cradle. Itís extremely versatile.

Price: $21.50 each  Out of Stock

tweezers for tyingTWEEZERS -- Great for handling flies, beads, and other small items. Sizes Long,6 in. straight, Short, 41/2 in, straight, Short, 41/2 curved.

 Price $1.75 ea  Short, 41/2 curved out of stock


  Tweezers - 3 FOR $5.00 Out of stock

Foam Body Cutters/ Fly Tying Tools FOAM BODY CUTTERSCutters have been on the market for many years but have always been awkward to use and quite inefficient.

The Foam Body Cutters from River Road Creations are a breeze to use and take most of the work out of making Foam Body Flies.

We are no longer going to carry them, however you can order them right from

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Fly Tying Tools - Unique Fly Tying Materials - Fly Tying Supplies - Fly Tying Accessories