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           One thing we insisted on when we designed our GID flies, is that they work just as wellNight-N-Day/Glow-in-the-dark flies during daylight hours as they do at night. In fact, we found out they were even deadlier under the sun. As to how to "light them up," there's lots of ways. The simplest is merely to let them sit in natural light while you're fishing other flies, or you can carry a high intensity 3" long Mag "Solitare" light that can easily be attached to the "zinger" on your vest, available at your local hardware for $6. Another possibility is either an old camera flash or the flash from your digital.

          There's something about these "glowing" flies that seem to really turn the fish on. Give them a go and add a whole new dimension to your fly fishing.


Legs-A-Glo Fly/Glow-In-The-Dark Fly Fishing Flies - Doug SwisherLEGS-A-GLO - This little yellow guy with the long wiggly legs has been deadly all over South Florida for snook, jacks, ladyfish, and trout. Also great for bass in brackish water.
Size, #2 long shank

Price: $3.95


Dock-De-Lite Fly/Glow-In-The-Dark Saltwater FliesDOCK-DE-LITE - Probably the best fly in our box when fishing around the docks and lights for large snook and baby tarpon,, or a double-digit jack crevelle. Let it sink for a few seconds, then you can't strip it fast enough!
Size, 1/0

Price $4.45

Midnight Magic Fly/Glow-In-The-Dark Saltwater FliesMIDNIGHT MAGIC - Excellent during the full moon and any bright night situation, although we've also done really well during the first 2 or 3 hours of daylight on rolling tarpon in back bays and canals.
Size, 1/0

Price: $4.45


Starlight Slayer Fly/Glow-In-The-Dark Saltwater FliesSTARLIGHT SLAYER - When we have a medium to fast moving outgoing tide right at dawn, this is usually our first choice, especially around bridges and seawalls, not only for tarpon but also large snook and giant jacks.
Size, 1/0

Price: $4.45


Glow in the Dark Bonefish FlyGLOWING BONE - Another Glow-In-the-Dark fly that we have had great reports on from our friends that tested it for us. They got it glowing and fished it during the day like any other bonefish fly and the bonefish were interested in it and grabbed it.
Size 4

Price: $3.45



GID Fly SIMPLY LEGS -- This pattern has quickly become one of our deadliest GID flies. It has a Glow Chenille body, Flashabou Accent Tail and , most importantly, Aquaglo Legs that give it incredible action in the water, much like our Georgie Long Legs. Fish it deep or right on top. Day or night.
Size 6

Price -----$2.95


Glitzy Legs/Glow-in-the-dark Freshwater FliesGLITZY LEGS - This pattern, much like our Georgie Long Legs and Peacock Long Legs,, has incredible action in the water. In Montana, it works well at Georgetown, not only at night but early in the morning and late afternoon.

Size 4 -- Now with new Aquaglo legs

Price: $3.25

Night-N-Day/Glow-in-the-dark fliesNight-N-Day - My favorite river in Montana is the Missouri and quickly becoming one of my favorite attractor patterns is this one -and- yes, I fish it both night and day, usually with a sink tip line with the sink portion only about 8 feet long.

Size 4

Price: $3.45


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