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   Fly Tying Dubbing

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   Fly Tying Miscellaneous Materials 

Twisted tinsel body material Tinsel Twist...New oval twisted tinsel in various colors. 6 tinsel strands twisted together. 2 strands twisted together which gives 3 sets of 2 then these 3 sets are twisted together into one twisted strand. Can be split into 6 smaller strands for smaller flies. Great material for Numphs and small streamer bodies.  (this does have a tendency to twist back on long stands usage). 10 plus feet for $.75. A great body material.Twisted body material

Price...$.75 Per Pack of 10 ft


Eyes for FliesAWESOME EYES - 8MM In most shops you'll pay $3.50 to $4 per pack of 20.
Colors: Silver, Red, Gold, Lime, Frog, and Glow in the Dark. Black pupils New colors: Emerald, Purple and Orange
           8mm eyes

 Price: $.80 Per Pack of 20


5 MM AWESOME EYES -- Colors - Silver, Red, Green, Purple, Gold, Lime and Glow-In-The-Dark

Price: $.80 pack of 20


3MM AWESOME EYES -- Colors - Silver, Red, Gold and Glow-In-The-Dark

Price: $.80 Pack of 20


 Hi Vis material for postsHI-VIS PIP - Hi Vis Parachute post material. Also good for indicators. Makes your flies much easier to see in most light situations on the water. 2 colors: Hot Yellow and Hot Chartreuse

Price $1.00 Per Package Hot Chartreuse out of stock


Body Wrap for nymphs
Body Wrap
- Great for smaller flies, size 12 to 22. Also great for tails and legs. 2 colors: Olive and Brown

Price $1.00 per package


Fly head made of a Velcro Dot - Fly Tying Materials VELCRO DOTS - The Rage over my "Mr. Vee" series of flies, especially the freshwater streamers, has resulted in a gigantic demand for the Velcro Sticky-Back Dots." So, I’ve made them available in the following sizes and colors. Just fold the velcro dot in half and cut out a shape you want for your fly head. One color and one size per pack.

Price: $2.95 per pack

Small 5/8"  21 dots /pack


Medium  3/4"  21 dots /pack


Large  7/8"  18 dots /pack


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