Seadragon_Fly Instructions

Step 1 Sea Dragon Fly
Bead hook and tie in tail. Big Daddy Leggs or 840 Legs both work very well with a lot of action.

Step 2 Seadragon Fly
Tie in a clump of Sea Dragon Dubbing just in front of where you tied in the tail.

Step 3 Sea Dragon Dubbing Fly
Pull back the front half of the clump and tie down and secure with a couple half hitches. Move the thread forward about 3 or 4 wraps after each clump.

Final Step for Sea Dragon Fly

Continue tying in clumps in this way until you get to the bead. Tie off and glue. If you add a few strands of the material you used for the tail around the bead it will even give the fly more action.

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