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To contact Doug email - phone 406-961-4416,  Doug Swisher, Box 725, Hamilton, MT 59840.
Shipping Cost - $5.00

Box of assorted flies

ALL AROUND FLY SELECTION -- If you would like to sample some of our top flies try our new All Around Fly Selection. It also makes a fantastic gift. It includes over $50 worth of flies, a great bargain. The box includes 2 each:

Parachute Madam X              Dancing Caddis
Clumpa                                Parachute Adams
Nymphomaniac                     Button
Speckl-X                              Stillwater Nymphs
Fat Albert                             Seal Bugger
Georgie Long Legs                 GID Long Legs

Out of stock

Parachute Madam X, favorite dry fly

Parachute Madam X Selection – still the hottest dry fly on the planet and great for fishing droppers, especially the Nymphomaniac.

24 flies, 8 each 10—12—14, all lined up neatly in a Ripple Foam Fly Box.

Reg. Retail --------$64.00

Your cost------- $34.95

Nymphomaniac, awesome nymphs

Nymphomaniac Selection – The best nymph we’ve EVER used, created by famous Kiwi angler and fly tyer Gordon Hill and written up in Fly Fisherman Magazine.

24 flies, 6 each 12—14—16--18, displayed handsomely in one of our super-light Ripple Foam Fly Boxes.
Reg. Retail---------$56.00

Your price------$37.95

Box of assorted streamers

Super Streamer Selection – a 6 fly collection of some of the finest streamers we’ve ever produced:
  1. The Wooly Bugger – all time favorite
  2. Rub A Dub Streamer - great all around streamer with wigglys
  3. Girdle Bugger – hot fly on the Big Horn
  4. All-Black – best of the Kiwi streamers
  5. Silver Bullet – Sharon’s Velcro creation deadly in both lakes and streams
  6. Georgie Long Legs – best sub-surface fly for all species.

Selection of 12 flies, 2 of each pattern, in popular sizes, all lined up neatly in our Ripple Foam Fly Box.
Reg. Retail----------$40.00

  Out of Stock

Black Bead Head Nymph, selection with black beads

Black Bead Head Nymph Selection - 36 Classic nymphs, 12 each Prince, Pheasant Tail and Hares Ear. The trend is definitely towards black beads. Over the years, I’ve taken hundreds of macro – photographs of natural nymphs not only in this country but in places like New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Chile, England and South Africa and have yet to see one with a gold head. The deadliest nymph we’ve ever used is Gordon Hill’s Nymphomaniac, as featured in the July 2007 issue of Fly fisherman Magazine, and I feel one of the main reasons for the patterns success is the Black Bead Head.

Selection of 36 classic nymphs, 12 each Prince, Pheasant Tail and Hares Ear,

Sizes 14-16-18.

Price: $47.00 per Selection

Bead Head Selection, great wet fly selection

Bead Head Selection – Nymphs, Strymphs and Streamers, all tied with beads. 42 flies, 12 each Gold Bead Prince, Pheasant Tail, Hares Ear, and 2 each, Georgie Boy, Georgie Long Legs and Black Widow Streamer, in a $10 Ripple Foam Fly Box

Reg. Retail ------$76.10

  Out of Stock


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