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Big Rainbow caught on the soft hackle streamer

Big Rainbow caught on the Soft Hackle Streamer

Bow on a Soft Hackle Streamer
Soft Hackle Streamer

Large Rainbow caught on Little Ripper

Caught on the Little Ripper

Photo/Steelhead with Swishtail Fly in mouth

Lake Erie Steelhead
on a purple Swish-tail

Big Rainbow
         Girdle Bugger Fish Head

    Caught with Girdle Bugger
Photo/Trout with Girdle Bugger in mouth - Fly Fishing Flies

          Girdle Bugger 

    Big Brown Caught on Fluzzie

       Caught on the Fluzzie

Big Rainbow

Caught on Devil Leech

Olive Rainbow Veil Fly - Unique Fly Fishing Flies

Dry Veil Fly

  Olive Rainbow Veil Fly Wet - Unique Fly Fishing Flies

Above fly in the water 



Dry Flies - Glow-In-The-Dark - Nymphs & Strymphs - Streamers - SaltwaterBass, Pike & Muskie

A great streamer for trout or bass.AZTEC -- We are pleased to announce the acquisition of a supply of the world-famous Aztec Fly, designed back in the 70s by the incredible fly tyer, Dick Nelson and tied by his son, Bill Nelson, a great tyer in his own right. I've Personally caught hundreds of trout on this pattern over the years. Olive - Size 8

Price $2.95

Small Mouse Rat Hair BugBaby Mouse Rat -- Freshwater Hair Bug -- Great little Mouse Rat for trout or bass.

Size 10.
Price $1.95 Out of stock

Seal Bugger with orange tailSEAL BUGGER -- Another of Denny Rickards dynamite patterns. A little different than your regular Wooly Bugger. Here's the way I fish it - make a 50 to 70 foot cast and immediately make a huge mend (the whole line if you can) either right or left, let it sink a few seconds and then strip! Usually, not always, as fast as you can! Colors: Brown, Olive, Olive body/Orange Tail.
Sizes 8, 10
            Olive Seal Bugger
Price $1.95    Size 10  - ol/or out of stock.      

Girdle Bugger/ Fly Fishing Flies GIRDLE BUGGER - One of our hot flies on the Big Horn, developed over 20 years ago. Our first streamer with rubber legs. --Marabou tail, Brown and Yellow color combination. Also UV

Size 8

Price: $2.50 each

Muddler/standard Fly Fishing Fly

MUDDLER - Sizes 6, 8, 10, 12

Price: $1.75


Pink Wooly Bugger/ Fly Fishing Streamers

WOOLY BUGGER: - Pink - Also UV- Sizes: 8, 10

Price: $1.75


Wooly Bugger/ Fly Fishing Flies

WOOLY BUGGER: Black - Sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8

Price: $1.75





Price: $1.75


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Contemporary Flies, Unique Fly Patterns, Specialty Flies, Saltwater & Freshwater Flies