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Caught on the Little Ripper

Large Rainbow caught on Little Ripper


Photo/Steelhead with Swishtail Fly in mouth

Lake Erie Steelhead
on a purple Swish-tail

Big Rainbow
         Girdle Bugger Fish Head

    Caught with Girdle Bugger
Photo/Trout with Girdle Bugger in mouth - Fly Fishing Flies

          Girdle Bugger 

    Big Brown Caught on Fluzzie

       Caught on the Fluzzie

Big Rainbow

Caught on Devil Leech

Olive Rainbow Veil Fly - Unique Fly Fishing Flies

Dry Veil Fly

  Olive Rainbow Veil Fly Wet - Unique Fly Fishing Flies

Above fly in the water 



Dry Flies - Glow-In-The-Dark - Nymphs & Strymphs - Streamers - SaltwaterBass, Pike & Muskie

Flashy olive streamer. LITTLE RIPPER - This fly is one of our new creations that I'm sure would work for anything that swims. It has an underbody of Olive/Yellow Northern lights and an over body of Perch Kraken, with hour-glass eyes. Last week I caught several Rainbows, over 24 on this one.

Sizes: 4, 6 (Stinger hooks)fly in fish's mouth

Price: $2.50


Small Mouse Rat Hair BugBaby Mouse Rat -- Freshwater Hair Bug -- Great little Mouse Rat for trout or bass.

Size 10.

Price $1.95

Mantilla, new masked flyFreshwater Mantilla -- We designed this little pattern to imitate a newborn or stillborn minnow. Notice the eyes are masked until they get wet. It's fished 3 ways: on top, with a dressed leader -- slightly under, no floatant on leader -- deep, lead sleeves or sinking line. It has really produced for us. Almost half of our catch this past season in Montana. Fly in water below. Size 8 stinger hook.

Price $2.75 Mantilla, new masked fly wet

Brown StreamerWaken Kraken -- Wow what fun we had with this fly last summer. It was a great producer. It has a collar of Kraken dubbing. Color, Brown Leech,

Size 8

Price: $2.50 each

Streamer made of Mega Dub DubbingMega Bomber -- Another streamer we did very well with last summer, both on rivers and lakes. Made of our Mega Dubbing. Color, Black Leech,

Size 8

Price: $2.50 each

Fly made of Mega dubbing MEGA FLY -- These flies, we tie in just one size, a #6 stinger-type hook, and in only 2 colors, Black Leech and GT Olive. The leech color has a touch of purple and red mixed in with the black and the GT has my favorite combination of colors, orange and olive. We feel these patterns are so deadly because of their "unbelievable action". We've loaded tons of "wigglys" short and long, into the dubbing, this results in the most dramatic movement you've ever seen in a fly. Size 6, Black Leech or GT Olive

Price $1.95

Seal Bugger with orange tailSEAL BUGGER -- Another of Denny Rickards dynamite patterns. A little different than your regular Wooly Bugger. Here's the way I fish it - make a 50 to 70 foot cast and immediately make a huge mend (the whole line if you can) either right or left, let it sink a few seconds and then strip! Usually, not always, as fast as you can! Colors: Brown, Olive, Olive body/Orange Tail.
Sizes 8, 10
            Olive Seal Bugger
Price $1.95          

Hot Head/ Freshwater Fly Fishing StreamerHOT HEAD - This little streamer has been absolutely dynamite on Western Montana lakes and streams. There's something about the triangular -shaped hot pink bead that turns the fish on. Let it sink and then do some fast stripping! Color: Black

Sizes: 8, 10

Price: $2.25


Swishtail Fly a Unique Fly Fishing Flie from Doug Swisher SWISH-TAIL FLIES--We introduced these streamers at the Denver Show and the reception was tremendous. Talk about action, they wiggle, wobble and vibrate all over the place. We've tested them in both fresh water and saltwater, catching trout, largemouth, smallmouth, snook, jacks and many other species. Give them a try on your favorite water.

 Size 8 - Colors: black, gray, and purple

Price: $3.50 each


Pinky Fly, great for late season freshwater fishing PINKY - This hot pink color has become very effective on streams and lakes, especially from mid-season on into October and November.

Size 8

Price: $2.50 each


Glowing Darter/Glow-in-the-dark Freshwater Flies GLOWING DARTER - For now, this is the only GLOW-IN-THE-DARK pattern we're offering, for fresh water, tied in the popular "sculptured style," similar to EP flies. It's deadly in lakes and streams for both trout and bass - very durable and a super silhouette.

Size 4

Price: $2.95

Night-N-Day/Glow-in-the-dark flies Night-N-Day (GLOW-IN-THE-DARK) My favorite river in Montana is the Missouri and quickly becoming one of my favorite attractor patterns is this one -and- yes, I fish it both night and day, usually with a sink tip line with the sink portion only about 8 feet long. However we have had a lot of luck fishing it just below the surface.

Size 4

Price: $2.95

Girdle Bugger/ Fly Fishing Flies GIRDLE BUGGER - One of our hot flies on the Big Horn, developed over 20 years ago. Our first streamer with rubber legs. --Marabou tail, Brown and Yellow color combination.

Size 8

Price: $2.50 each

Devil Leech / a Fly Fishing Fly for rivers, lakes, ponds "DEVIL LEECH" - This incredible little streamer, along with the new Velcros, has totally replaced the Wooly Bugger in my fly box mainly for 3 reasons: fantastic "natural" action in the water, great durability, and the fact that it doesn't "foul' like other subsurface flies. Bead head only.  Size 8.

Price: $2.50 each


Olive Rub A Dub Streamer Fly Fishing Fliy Black Rub A Dub Streamer/a Unique  Fly Fishing Fly RUB-A-DUB STREAMER - Available in 2 colors: Black & Olive.

Size 8

Made of Rub-A-Dub Dubbing, Wiggys, Enhancer and Gator Hair. Another great streamer I use anywhere. Lots of action

Price: $2.50 each

Fluzzie Fly/ a great fly anywhere THE FLUZZIE - The Fluzzie has Rub-A -Dub type construction, using black, red and purple 'Gator Hair along with fuchsia, black and purple flash enhancers. One of the deadliest flies in my streamer box! Size  8

Price: $2.50 each

Polar Bear/Fly Fishing Flies POLAR BEAR - Off White. This fly in not only great for trout but I have been very successful with it for bass.

Sizes 2, 4, 6

 Price: $2.50 each


Photo/Purple Passion - Fly Fishing Flies PURPLE PASSION - This fly has not only been a great late afternoon fly for trout but is a very productive Bass pattern and also works well for Salmon and Steelhead, especially on Idaho and Oregon Rivers as well as in the Midwest.  Color: Purple

Sizes 2, 4, 6,

Price $2.50


Fly made of Peacock Plus DubbingS-TUKA - This fly not only has a great silhouette but lots of action. It's tied out of our Peacock Plus "action" dubbing, Which is loaded with tiny wigglys. Wouldn't think of going to New Zealand without it and the All-Black.

Size 8

Price: $2.50 each

All Black/ Freshwater Fly Fishing Fliy "ALL-BLACK" - During our last trip to New Zealand and Chile, Sharon and I had some incredible experiences with the Velcro's. On both streams and lakes we caught many of our best fish, 3-6 pounds, on a very tiny, sparsely-tied, all-black Velcro Streamer Ė no eyes, no Krystal Flash, no bright colors blended in. Iíve named it the "All-Black" and Iím sure the reason itís so deadly is that it imitates the black leeches that are found in most of the waters we fish. Last summer it worked extremely well all over the States and up in Canada on the Bow and Elk Rivers.
Size 8

Price: $2.25 each


Selection of 6 flies
Price: $11.95


Black Big Vee/freshwater fly with velcro head "BIG VEE" This is my original freshwater Velcro Streamer and has become my best seller.
Available in 3 colors: Black, Olive, Brown 

Size 6

Price: $2.50 each

Silver Bullet/Freshwater Fly with velcro head "SILVER BULLET VELCRO STREAMER" - Newest addition to the family of Velcros - Great minnow imitation. Sharon caught a 6# Rainbow with this pattern.

Size 8

 Price: $2.50 each

Muddler/standard Fly Fishing Fly

MUDDLER - Sizes 6, 8, 10, 12

Price: $1.75


Pink Wooly Bugger/ Fly Fishing Streamers

WOOLY BUGGER: - Pink - Sizes: 8, 10

Price: $1.75


Wooly Bugger/ Fly Fishing Flies

WOOLY BUGGER: Black - Sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8

Price: $1.75





Price: $1.75


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Contemporary Flies, Unique Fly Patterns, Specialty Flies, Saltwater & Freshwater Flies