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  Caught on the UV Soft Hackle Strymph

Nice trout on soft hackle strymph 

Caught on the UV Soft Hackle Streamer

Trout on the uv soft hackle streamer


fish on eradicator

Caught on the Eradicator>

Eradicater in fish's mouth


On the UV Stillwater nymph.

Fish on the UV Stillwater Nymph

Little, but a fighter.


   Dry FliesBass, Pike & Muskie - Glow-In-The-Dark - Nymphs & Strymphs - Streamers - Saltwater - UV-X


We have a second picture that would be the fish's eye view.


UV Clumpa PurpleUV Clumpa -- We decided to make our popular Clumpa Fly Ultra Violet. It has been a great success, The fish really ate it. We have colored UV hackle mixed in with grizzly hackle for the wing and just a small amount of uv in the body. We are offering 3 different colors in the hackle they all worked well. Purple, Chartreuse, and Yellow. Sizes #12,#14
Price -- $2.25
                                UV Clumpa Purple, bottom      UV Clumpa Chartreuse     UV Clumpa Yellow

  pmxuvUV Parachute Madam X -- Great Ultra-Violet effect. Now has UV Orange post. Sizes 10, 12, 14

Price $2.25   uvpmxunderside     uvpmxshining    pmxundersideshining

UV Dancing CaddisUV Dancing Caddis -- When we tested our UV Dancing Caddis we were very pleased at the result. It has always been a great fly. Sizes 12, 14, 16

Price $1.95     UV Dancing Caddis, fishes view.        Bottom of Dancing Caddis, fishes vies

Emerger made of a CDC PuffPuff Emerger -- In testing this fly we found if the fish were rising to small flies, they nailed it. The body has ultra-violet dubbing, the wing is a CDC Puff. Color: Olive or Tan Sizes 14, 16

Price: $1.75


UV Soft Hackle StreamerUV Soft Hackle Streamer (More often called the Scorpion Streamer because of the curved up tail.) -- Thirty years ago, Jack Gartside, the famous fly fisherman and tyer, showed me his favorite pattern he used for stripers. He called it a Soft Hackle Streamer. It was constructed mainly of a blend of bucktail and soft hackle looped into a wing and tied on a #4 saltwater hook. Since that experience, I often have wondered why no one has developed and promoted Soft Hackle Streamers and Strymphs.

Sharon and I took care of that problem a couple of months ago, halfway through the 2016 season. We created both streamers and strymphs using mainly partridge, probably the best soft hackle material of all.

For the streamers, on size #8 hooks we used a single curved flight feather angled up to the rear, thus, minimizing fouling caused by conventional construction. For the rest of the fly, we used typical body feathers, to augment the action of the tail. The results were terrific. LoUV softhackle streamerts of action and more importantly, lots of big fish!    Size 8

Your Price -- $2.25

UV Soft Hackle Strymph
UV Soft Hackle Strymph (More often called the Scorpion Strymph because of the curved up tail.) -- With the success of the deadly new soft hackle streamers, we felt the next step was to put together a new strymph pattern. Actually it ended up being a very similar design, only tied in a more realistic size, #10. We maintained the same type of tail mounnting, which we call an "Aggressive Posture", that we feel is a very important factor as to why the fly is so deadly. These flies have definitely won our vote for "Flies of the Year"Soft Hackle Strymph uv Colors: UV Olive, Natural (not UV) and UV Orange/Olive.  Size 10

Your Price -- $1.95

UV Soft Hackle Nymph  - Scorpion NymphUV Scorpion Nymph -- Each season, we pick what we call "The Fly of the Year". In 2017, it's definitely the fly with the single tail that's swept up in a big arc, more often called the "Scorpion". Actually it's a series of 3 flies, nymph, strymph, and streamer, having the same unique silhouette with their tails curled up in "attack" position. These patterns are similar in appearance with the nymphs being size 12, 14, strymphs size 10 and the streamers size 8. We are getting reports of how deadly the Scorpion has been for trout, and with larger size flies also for bass, pike, stripers and many saltwater species. Sizes 12, 14

Price $1.95

Purple Soft Hackle Strymph The Streaker - UV -- This Ultra-violet strymph was amazing when we tested it last fall, the fish couldn't leave it alone. Size 10
Price $1.95
Purple Soft Hackle Strymph, fishes view

uvsoft hackle nymph copperUV Soft Hackle Nymph -- Soft Hackle Nymphs are a lot of fun to fish. We fished these on the Big Hole River as well as some of our lakes. They were very effective. You can strip them slowly, let them swing in the current, use them as a dropper behind a streamer and being ultra violet is a big plus. Body colors: Copper, Olive, and Tan, Sizes 10, 12, 14.
uv soft hackle nymph, fishes view  uv soft hackle nymph - tan  uv soft hackle nymph, fishes view
Price $1.75


UV Papas Nymph - gold beadUV Papa's Nymph -- This nymph was dynamite on the Big Hole as well as in the lakes. The fish really grabbed it when we used it as a dropper. Sizes 14, 16.
Price $1.75        uv papa's nymph - fishes view

UV Twister NymphTwister Nymph --- This new UV nymph has been very productive this summer when we were testing our new flies. I was surprised how the fish took it when I was fishing it as a dropper behind one of my favorite streamers. It also worked well just fishing it like any other nymph in the river or lake. The abdomen is our UV-X Nymph dubbing with our Tinsel Twist palmered to the wing. Sizes #14 or 16. Twister Nymph UV

Price $1.95

New colored NymphsUV Nymphomaniacs/span> -- Three new colors from world-class fly tyer, Karl Gebhart. Great nymphs, all tied in deadly Ultra Violet. Colors: Orange and Yellow in size 14, 16. Plus a deadly new March Brown color in size 10 and 12.
Price $1.95

YELLOW OR ORANGE NYMPHO -- Can be used for several hatches.
UV March Brown Nymph


brown nymphVX NYMPH - In testing this nymph, it was amazing at the numbers of fish we released. Sizes: 12, 14, 16
Nymph with U
Price $1.95 

Eradicater streamer uvTHE ERADICATOR - This small streamer has great action, made of our UV-X Kraken Dubbing with our UV-X Nymph Dubbing for a body. Worked great for us. For now we are offering in one size only. Size 10
UV enhanced streamer
Price $2.50

A Purple UV StreamerUV PURPLE VEIL FLY --- A streamer for both lakes and rivers, made with one our new UV-X Crystal Web brushes, a Crystal Web tail and chenille body, with glo eyes.
This fly has been deadly for us, especially on larger mountain lakes that have a high concentration of weeds and and prolific hatches.
Purple is a great color for afternoon fishing. Sizes: 4, 6 Stinger hooks (short shank)  Sizes: 4, 6 Stinger hooks (short shank) 

Price $2.50


Old favorite UV Muddler - The Muddler has always been a great fly. The UV version is even better.uvmuddler3

Price $1.95

Deer Hair FlyUV Mighty Mite - We have taken our popular Mighty Mite and enhanced it with UV-X and it has been dynamite. Again, we grease the leader and tippet but not the fly and strip on the surface and see the strike. For now we have just one size, #14.Tiny fly with UV treatment.

Price $1.95


uvStillwater NymphUV Stillwater Nymph - The Stillwater Nymph has been a deadly fly for us so we decided to make it one of our UV flies. It turned out to be a great producer. We are offering only one size for now. UV-X Stillwater Nymph as the fish would see it.
Size 10.

Price $1.95


Flashy olive streamer. UV RIPPER - This fly is one of our new creations that I'm sure would work for anything that swims. It has an underbody of Olive/Yellow Enhanced Northern lights and an over body of Super (enhanced) Perch Kraken, with hour-glass eyes. Kraken Streamer with UV treatment
Sizes: 4, 6 (Stinger hooks)

Price: $2.50


Check out our fly tying materials page - we have some UV colors in our Unique Hair, Gator Hair and Synthetic Living Fibers. Did you know Glow-In-The-Dark is also UV.

Soft Hackle Hen PatchUV Soft Hackle Hen Patches. --We've added these very special feathers to our tying materials. They are dyed UV colors that are critical for constructing our "New Breed" of streamers, nymphs, strymphs and, yes, even dry flies.

Price $9.95


UV-X Northern Lights - This is an absolutely Gorgeous tailing and underbody material made from a combination of flash that is twisted with micro fibers and then dyed. The tinsel color stays the same while the fibers take on the dye color. These are perfect for Trout, Bass, Pike, Saltwater, Steelhead and Alaska Patterns. (Tinsel Colors: Black, Olive, Purple, Silver.) UV-X Enhanced! Colors: Black/Hot Chartreuse, Black/Electric Purple, Black/Hot Yellow, Black/Hot White, Olive/Hot Yellow, Olive/Hot Chartreuse, Olive/Hot White, Purple/Electric Purple, Purple/Hot Pink, Silver/Hot Yellow, Copper/Hot White, Aura/Hot White.

Price: $1.25 per package                 COLOR CHART


 UV-X Crystal Web - This product produces a transparency you can't get from any other material. I add it to tails, wings, and other body parts. The Colors are outstanding! UV-X Enhanced! Hot Clear White, Hot Yellow, Hot Pink, Hot Kelly Green, Hot Orange, Electric Purple

 Price: $1.00 per package                    COLOR CHART


UV Test DubbingNew Test Dubbing -- Olive-Orange Ultra Violet Nymph Dubbing. Makes a great Nymph for streams or lakes.

Special Price $1.00


Primo UV DubbingPRIMO ULTRA VIOLET DUBBING --  This dubbing is a great all around Ultra Violet dubbing for any wet flies, large nymphs as well as streamers. Has lots of action with the wiggly's and longer fibers in it. It is very easy to use. Tie it in for a tail and make a collar of clumps of Primo and you have a quick streamer. You can also use it to make great brushes. Colors: Black, Chartreuse, Hares Ear, GT Olive, Olive, Pond Scum,Primo UV Dubbing glowing
Purple, Rust, Gray and Yellow

Introductory Price $1.75 per package



Ultra UV Dubbing ULTRA UV NYMPH DUBBING  -- If you're looking for the deadliest nymph dubbing on today's market, our new Ultra UV Nymph dubbing is the perfect answer. We designed it especially for today's modern nymph fly fisherman. It has everything - Built-in legs, maximum UV qualities, is very easy to hand dub or use with a dubbing tool and comes in great colors. Plus, you get a "Big Bang for your buck", Our bags are stuffed full. Colors: Black, Brown, Dun, Hares Ear, Olive, Pond Scum, Rust, Tan, Yellow.Ultra Nymph Dubbing glowing

 Special Price: $1.75 per package


Swishe's Elite DubbingSWISHER'S ELITE DUBBING -- DUBBING FOR SELECTIVE TROUT -- Finally an all-around dubbing that's great for both dry flies and wet flies -plus- its available in popular Ultra-Violet colors and is the easiest material you'll find on today's market to dub on a fly. If you are tying a fly you want to fish dry, just use a good floatant like our Dill Wax. Also our Elite dubbing comes in 16 dynamite colors! The texture is perfect for both hand spinning or using a dubbing tool. Colors - Chartreuse, Dark Dun, Dark Gray, Fuchsia, Golden Brown, Lt Gray, Lt Olive, Moss-Green, Olive, Orange, Peacock, Purple, Redish-Tan, Rust, Tan, and Yellow. Swisher's Elite Dubbing UV

Price $1.75


 UV-X  DUBBING WITH LEGS - This dubbing has our Rub-A-Dub and GX Wigglys in it. It is a soft easy to work with dubbing with a nice sheen. The legs as well as the dubbing is UV-X enhanced. Colors: Olive, Brown, Orange, Hares Ear, Tan, Pale Olive, Pheasant Tail, Scud and Copper.

Price: $1.75 per pack.            COLOR CHART


UV-X DUBBING W/LEGS BOX - has 1 of each color, Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Copper,  Brown, Olive, Pale Olive, Tan and Scud

Price: $6.95 per 8 comp

 UV-X  NYMPH DUBBING - This is the same soft easy to use dubbing as our UV-X Dubbing w/legs, but has no legs. Mostly used for small nymphs but it works well to dub streamer bodies also. Right now we only have 2 colors. UV-X enhanced - Light Olive and Light Tan.                   

Price: $1.75 per pack.               


 UV-X Kraken Dubbing --This dubbing is incredible. Long Wigglys, Short Wigglys and different color Wigglys. The action is unbelievable. It has a very high sheen and is soft and easy to work with.  This is the same dubbing as our regular Kraken Dubbing only it has been UV-X Enhanced. Colors: Super Olive, Super Perch, Super Gold Demon, Super Hot Chartreuse, Super Silver Minnow, Super All Blacks UV-X Hot Yellow, UV-X Hot Pink.

Price: $1.75 per pack.


UV-X - K.R.A.P. DUBBING -- This dubbing is a mixture of leg sizes as well as different dubbings. It has a base color then enhancer and different colored legs are added. It works great in the water and for those of us who have tested it, is a must have. UV-X Colors: Krap-ish (looks kind of like hares ear), Light Krap-ish(just lighter),(Yellow-ish, Olive-ish, Purple-ish, Red-ish, Orange-ish, Brown-ish.

Price $1.75 per package       COLOR CHART


This UV-X KRAP DUBBING 8 Compartment Box - has 1 each - Krap-ish, Lt. Krap-ish, Olive-ish, Yellow-ish, Brown-ish, Red-ish, Purple-ish and Orange-ish

Price: $6.95 per 8 comp

UV-X STRETCH TUBING This is the tubing we use for the abdomen of our VX Nymph. 3 sizes: Large (Fl. Chart.), Medium or Midge. Color: Clear, Chartreuse or Pale Yellow. (glows blue) Midge not available in Chartreuse.

Price $1.75 per package


UV-X SCUD BACK - Clear, 1/8 only, for now.

Price $1.75 per package


UV-X Rub-A-Dub Wigglys. - Colors - Hot Yellow, Hot Chartreuse, Hot White, Electric Purple, Pond Scum and Radio Active (Green)

Price $1.75 Per Package


Wobbly WigglysWOBBLY WIGGLYS -- These Ultra Violet wigglys are about the size of 840 legs and can be used for tails even though they are a little curly, they have a lot of action, We like them also for wrapping nymph bodies. They really have great UV qualities. Also they work well for a wing case, use 2 or 3 depending on the size of your nymph.
Colors: Cream or GreenFly made of Wobbly Wigglys for body.

 Introductory Price $1.00 per package


UV-X GX Wigglys - Colors - Hot Yellow, Hot Chartreuse, Hot White, Electric Purple, Pond Scum, Radio Active

Price $1.75 Per Package


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