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  Caught on the UV Soft Hackle Strymph

Nice trout on soft hackle strymph 

Caught on the UV Soft Hackle Streamer

Trout on the uv soft hackle streamer


fish on eradicator

Caught on the Eradicator>

Eradicater in fish's mouth


On the UV Stillwater nymph.

Fish on the UV Stillwater Nymph

Little, but a fighter.


   Dry FliesBass, Pike & Muskie - Glow-In-The-Dark - Nymphs & Strymphs - Streamers - Saltwater - UV-X


Check out our fly tying materials page - we have some UV colors in our Unique Hair, Gator Hair and Synthetic Living Fibers. Did you know Glow-In-The-Dark is also UV.

Soft Hackle Hen PatchUV Soft Hackle Hen Patches. --We've added these very special feathers to our tying materials. They are dyed UV colors that are critical for constructing our "New Breed" of streamers, nymphs, strymphs and, yes, even dry flies.

Price $9.95  Purple out of stock


UV-X Northern Lights - This is an absolutely Gorgeous tailing and underbody material made from a combination of flash that is twisted with micro fibers and then dyed. The tinsel color stays the same while the fibers take on the dye color. These are perfect for Trout, Bass, Pike, Saltwater, Steelhead and Alaska Patterns. (Tinsel Colors: Black, Olive, Purple, Silver.) UV-X Enhanced! Colors: Black/Hot Chartreuse, Black/Electric Purple, Black/Hot Yellow, Black/Hot White, Olive/Hot Yellow, Olive/Hot Chartreuse, Olive/Hot White, Purple/Electric Purple, Purple/Hot Pink, Silver/Hot Yellow, Copper/Hot White, Aura/Hot White.

Price: $1.25 per package                 COLOR CHART


 UV-X Crystal Web - This product produces a transparency you can't get from any other material. I add it to tails, wings, and other body parts. The Colors are outstanding! UV-X Enhanced!, Hot Yellow, Hot Pink, Hot Kelly Green, Hot Orange, Electric Purple

 Price: $1.00 per package                    COLOR CHART


UV Test DubbingNew Test Dubbing -- Olive-Orange Ultra Violet Nymph Dubbing. Makes a great Nymph for streams or lakes.

Special Price $1.00


Primo UV DubbingPRIMO ULTRA VIOLET DUBBING --  This dubbing is a great all around Ultra Violet dubbing for any wet flies, large nymphs as well as streamers. Has lots of action with the wiggly's and longer fibers in it. It is very easy to use. Tie it in for a tail and make a collar of clumps of Primo and you have a quick streamer. You can also use it to make great brushes. Colors: Black, Chartreuse, Hares Ear, GT Olive, Olive, Pond Scum,Primo UV Dubbing glowing
Purple, Rust, Gray and Yellow

Introductory Price $1.75 per package



Ultra UV Dubbing ULTRA UV NYMPH DUBBING  -- If you're looking for the deadliest nymph dubbing on today's market, our new Ultra UV Nymph dubbing is the perfect answer. We designed it especially for today's modern nymph fly fisherman. It has everything - Built-in legs, maximum UV qualities, is very easy to hand dub or use with a dubbing tool and comes in great colors. Plus, you get a "Big Bang for your buck", Our bags are stuffed full. Colors: Black, Brown, Dun, Hares Ear, Olive, Pond Scum, Rust, Tan, Yellow.Ultra Nymph Dubbing glowing

 Special Price: $1.75 per package


Swishe's Elite DubbingSWISHER'S ELITE DUBBING -- DUBBING FOR SELECTIVE TROUT -- Finally an all-around dubbing that's great for both dry flies and wet flies -plus- its available in popular Ultra-Violet colors and is the easiest material you'll find on today's market to dub on a fly. If you are tying a fly you want to fish dry, just use a good floatant like our Dill Wax. Also our Elite dubbing comes in 16 dynamite colors! The texture is perfect for both hand spinning or using a dubbing tool. Colors - Chartreuse, Dark Dun, Dark Gray, Fuchsia, Golden Brown, Lt Gray, Lt Olive, Moss-Green, Olive, Orange, Peacock, Purple, Redish-Tan, Rust, Tan, and Yellow. Swisher's Elite Dubbing UV

Price $1.75


 UV-X  DUBBING WITH LEGS - This dubbing has our Rub-A-Dub and GX Wigglys in it. It is a soft easy to work with dubbing with a nice sheen. The legs as well as the dubbing is UV-X enhanced. Colors: Olive, Brown, Orange, Hares Ear, Tan, Pale Olive, Pheasant Tail, Scud and Copper.

Price: $1.75 per pack.            COLOR CHART



 UV-X  NYMPH DUBBING - This is the same soft easy to use dubbing as our UV-X Dubbing w/legs, but has no legs. Mostly used for small nymphs but it works well to dub streamer bodies also. Right now we only have 2 colors. UV-X enhanced - Light Olive and Light Tan.                   

Price: $1.75 per pack.               


 UV-X Kraken Dubbing --This dubbing is incredible. Long Wigglys, Short Wigglys and different color Wigglys. The action is unbelievable. It has a very high sheen and is soft and easy to work with.  This is the same dubbing as our regular Kraken Dubbing only it has been UV-X Enhanced. Colors: Super Olive, Super Perch, Super Gold Demon, Super Hot Chartreuse, Super Silver Minnow, Super All Blacks UV-X Hot Yellow, UV-X Hot Pink.

Price: $1.75 per pack.


UV-X - K.R.A.P. DUBBING -- This dubbing is a mixture of leg sizes as well as different dubbings. It has a base color then enhancer and different colored legs are added. It works great in the water and for those of us who have tested it, is a must have. UV-X Colors: Krap-ish (looks kind of like hares ear), Light Krap-ish(just lighter),(Yellow-ish, Olive-ish, Purple-ish, Red-ish, Orange-ish, Brown-ish.

Price $1.75 per package       COLOR CHART


UV-X STRETCH TUBING This is the tubing we use for the abdomen of our VX Nymph. 3 sizes: Large (Fl. Chart.), Medium or Midge. Color: Clear, Chartreuse or Pale Yellow. (glows blue) Midge not available in Chartreuse.

Price $1.75 per package


UV-X Rub-A-Dub Wigglys. - Colors - Hot Yellow, Hot Chartreuse, Hot White, Electric Purple, Pond Scum and Radio Active (Green)

Price $1.75 Per Package


UV-X GX Wigglys - Colors - Hot Yellow, Hot Chartreuse, Hot White, Electric Purple, Pond Scum, Radio Active

Price $1.75 Per Package  Electric Purple and Radio Active out of stock


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